Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Where is Rice Farmer?

 Rice Farmer's blog has disappeared

I have known Rice Farmer, who always contributed to Mike Ruppert's since 2010-11 and his approach has always, by-and-large paralleled my own which is why I have posted his items over the years.

Yesterday I discovered that his blog is no longer there and I have no idea why.

Rice Farmer acted anonymously but posted from Japan almost every day of the year - in my mind, a little sung hero.

P.S.I have just had word from Jenna Orkin that he is OK and is taking break and may be back.


  1. i have noticed and miss the blog but you are the first to comment on the disappearance i have been waiting for a comment on the peak oil that is also on blogspot. at this point it seems a non event on peoples radar

    1. Rice Farmer has been on my radar and part of my life for ten years.

  2. I really miss Rice Farmer too. Always interesting, with many links to good articles. I hope he comes back. And I hope the blog wasn't taken down by somebody who didn't like what he posted.

  3. I enjoy reading Rice Farmer. He did so much work and good research. I miss you.

  4. Thanks for the update. I too had been saddened by the news, but am glad to hear he is OK. Words cannot express my gratitude for his work and dedication in carrying the torch since Mike's passing.

  5. I am very relieved to hear he is ok. Thank you for the update

  6. Thanks so much for the update. Ive been refreshing his blog several times a day and hoping for the best.

  7. I was shocked & dismayed to find "ricefarmer.blogspot" had been removed! No mention of who or why it was removed.
    He was my prime source for world news about collapse by catagory.
    I certainly hope he's just taking some time off & will return soon to keep us up to date on world events that affect all of us.
    I really really REALLY miss him!
    Thank you Robin for letting us know he's OK.