Friday, 16 June 2017

Kevin Hester quoted by Hambone Littletail

From Kevin Hester -

"With regard to the inferno that has consumed an indeterminate number of people in London, I made a comment on a post from Robin Westenra about the disaster.

"Robin used the quote as the basis for a post on his blog Seemorerocks.

"Someone sent it to Hambone Littletail who has an eclectic channel on You Tube that covers the unraveling of the biosphere with thousands of subscribers and has had over a million hits.

"Now he has contacted me to do an interview.

"He knows that I toured Aotearoa N.Z. with Professor Guy McPherson who he often mentions in dispatches.

"This could be a rather dystopian interview".

"For Those of Us Aware of the Severity of the Crisis, We Know We Are Dead People Walking"

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