Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Are we headed for an early Arctic melt season?

Is the coronavirus pandemic deliberate?

Whilst I don't WANT to believe this there are so many strange things that don't add up.
Evidence the 

Global headlines - 26 February, 2020

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
France has seen a 30% to 40% fall in tourists following the coronavirus outbreak: Finance minister

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Expedia cutting 3,000 jobs following ‘disappointing’ year

## Airline death spiral ##

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Group of senators sponsor bill to return US to Iran nuclear deal

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protests in Chile hit LatAm's biggest music festival
• Coronavirus

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
The 66-year-old "appeared to have suffered a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound," the Amador County Sheriff’s Office said.
The West Can’t Even Agree on Itself, Much Less China
At the Munich Security Conference, allies argued with each other as much as their adversaries, rejecting Trump administration views on issue after issue.
• Julian Assange
I feel for Harry Dunn's family. But these are two separate cases to be decided on their respective merits. A trade or any other political deal which involves the two should be out of the question. -- RF
Assange Extradition Hearing Opens with Scathing Condemnation by Mainstream Media
The extradition trial of Julian Assange began with the prosecution reading out a damning statement from five leading mainstream media  organizations that once partnered with Wikileaks.

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Critical Thinking Has Never Been More Important

## Japan ##
Honda, Nissan Put Off Reopening of China Plants
It will also be a good thing for wildlife. -- RF
It's an excellent idea. The path to peace begins with dialog, not with destructive sanctions and hateful rhetoric. -- RF

No quarantine or mask for Canadian WHO representative

It seems to me that these people actually WANT to spread this virus. Are they really so arrogant?
Canadian Doctor Leaves 
China Without Entering 

25 February, 2020

The Canadian expert leading the World Health Organization (WHO) team in China responding to the new coronavirus departed Beijing without entering quarantine before landing in Geneva on Tuesday and going straight to a press conference, where he appeared without a mask.

Dr. Bruce Aylward is an infectious disease expert who led the organization’s team in China. The team traveled to different parts of the country, including Wuhan, the epicenter of the new virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease.

Aylward stopped in Beijing for a joint press conference with Chinese officials on Monday before departing and touching down in Switzerland, where the WHO is based.

Asked why he wasn’t wearing a mask, Aylward told reporters: “I don’t have COVID-19. I’m very low risk.”

Aylward said that his team had no contact with patients in China or even contact with people who were in contact with suspected or confirmed patients.

I never had any exposures,” he said. “We are careful and we run careful.”

While in China, team members ate most of their meals in their hotel rooms. While on the job they ate at separate tables, Aylward said, recounting a lunch in the cafeteria at China’s Centers for Disease Control.

You had to shout at each other,” he said.

The distance kept between people was two meters, or 6.5 feet. Experts say close contact means coming within six feet of those infected with the new virus.

The WHO team was in Wuhan, Aylward said, but even the hospitals they went to there weren’t a concern because they were in “the clean section.”

Any of the hospitals we went to, we go into the clean section. We go nowhere near, you know there’s a dirty section and then there’s also a gray zone. We went nowhere near those things,” he said. Aylward may have been referring to an area known in Chinese as the infected zone.

There have been at least thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of cases in Hubei Province, which includes Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus. Data from Chinese Communist Party officials is widely believed to be lower than the true numbers of cases and deaths, both at the provincial and national level.

China requires anyone traveling from other provinces to Beijing to undergo a two-week quarantine. The policy applies to WHO officials as well, Aylward said, unless they’re in transit to somewhere else.

Chinese officials took a swab from the doctor when he arrived in Guangdong Province on Monday and the test came back negative. There were negotiations over how the situation was managed.

Aylward, who wore a mask at his Monday press conference in China, told reporters in Geneva that if there was a risk he had the disease, he wouldn’t be at the press conference. He wouldn’t just appear and put on a mask, he said.

1984 has come to China

Rickards: "1984" Has Come 
To China... USA Is Next

25 February, 2020

You’re probably familiar with George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four; (it’s often published as 1984). It was written in 1948; the title comes from reversing the last two digits in 1948.
The novel describes a world of three global empires, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, in a constant state of war.
Orwell created an original vocabulary for his book, much of which is in common, if sardonic, usage today. Terms such as Thought Police, Big Brother, doublethink, Newspeak and memory hole all come from Nineteen Eight-Four.
Orwell intended it as a warning about how certain countries might evolve in the aftermath of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War. He was certainly concerned about Stalinism, but his warnings applied to Western democracies also.
When the calendar year 1984 came and went, many breathed a sigh of relief that Orwell’s prophesy had not come true. But that sigh of relief was premature. Orwell’s nightmare society is here today in the form of Communist China…
China has most of the apparatus of the totalitarian societies described in Orwell’s book. China uses facial recognition software and ubiquitous digital surveillance to keep track of its citizens. The internet is censored and monitored. Real-life thought police will arrest you for expressing opinions opposed to the government or its policies.
Millions of Chinese have been arrested and sent to “reeducation” camps for brainwashing (the lucky ones) or involuntary organ removal without anesthetic (the unlucky ones who die in excruciating pain and are swiftly cremated as a result).
While these atrocities are not going to happen in the U.S. or what passes for the West these days, the less extreme aspects of China’s surveillance state could well be. And while you might not be arrested for expressing unpopular opinions or challenging prevailing dogmas (at least not yet), you could face other sanctions. You could even lose your job and find it nearly impossible to find another.
You can certainly be banned from social media…
Anything seems to go on social media (primarily Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and a few other platforms) — unless you’re a conservative personality or politico. That’s where the censorship begins.
Many conservative social media participants have had their acco‌unts closed or suspended, not for threats or vulgarity but for criticism of “progressive” views (albeit criticism with some sharp edges).
Meanwhile, those with progressive views can say almost anything on social media, including the implicit endorsement of violence. But nothing happens.
Other conservatives report being the targets of “shadow banning.” That’s where your acco‌unt is open and seems to operate normally, but unbeknownst to you, much of the network is being blocked from seeing your posts and popular features such as “likes” and “retweets” are being truncated and not distributed.
It’s like being a pro athlete who finds out the stadium is empty and no tickets are being sold. That’s bad enough. But Twitter took the war on conservatives a step further.
Well, one of the most widely followed acco‌unts on Twitter is none other than Donald J. Trump’s, with 68 million followers. President Trump uses Twitter to announce policy initiatives and personnel changes and to offer pointed criticism of political opponents. It’s a major platform for him.
Last month Trump issued a tweet that identified the so-called “whistleblower” of the Ukraine phone call that led to his impeachment. That’s not as big a deal as it sounds because everyone in Washington knew who the whistleblower was (you can look his name up on the web), and he wasn’t even a real whistleblower because he didn’t meet statutory requirements.
Still, Twitter blocked Trump’s tweet. Twitter blamed a temporary system “outage,” but that claim was highly suspicious. Later, Trump’s tweet was restored, but the original acco‌unt that Trump linked to had been deleted. No one ever said that politics was fair.
But Twitter’s blatant interference in the election could have adverse consequences for the company in Trump’s second term.
And a few social media companies are now de facto censors, taking over the job from the government. Given their massive media footprint, they wield extraordinary influence over the American public.
They’re in essence becoming propaganda outfits.
It’s not just here of course. Canada, for example, is actively pursuing digital surveillance to track the activities of law-abiding citizens.
A report for the Bank of Canada says that financial information gathered from digital transaction records could be used for “sharing information with police and tax authorities.”
If all transactions are digital (including credit and debit cards), authorities can track your whereabouts, buying habits, restaurant choices and much more. They could also reveal your political orientation and personal associations.
It’s not difficult to imagine the police and tax authorities using that power to make life extremely difficult for those who criticize the government or sacred ideologies like “climate change.” If you think that sounds extreme, some have actually advocated jailing climate change “deniers.”
Do you think I’m making that up?
Well, the executive director of an outfit called Climate Hawks Vote said “Put officials who reject science in jail.”
The Nation also ran an article called, “Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us: The victims of Hurricane Harvey have a murderer — and it’s not the storm.”
“How long,” its author asked, “before we hold the ultimate authors of such climate catastrophes accountable for the miseries they inflict?”
And Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said the Koch brothers “should be in jail,” “with all the other war criminals.”
Well, David Koch has since died, so he’ll escape Kennedy’s justice.
But their “war crimes” consisted of funding organizations that question the climate change alarmism the media  is constantly feeding us.
But guess what? There’s plenty of hard scientific evidence that refutes the alarmist view. This article isn’t the venue to get into it, but the scientific case against climate alarmism is much stronger than the case for it.
But if you dissent against the official view, today’s tech censors will silence or marginalize you, no matter how valid your point.
The problem is, the trend is moving very quickly in this direction and it’s difficult to stop. And sophisticated surveillance technology to monitor citizens is already in place…
For example, cameras with the latest surveillance technology can spot and match millions of faces in real time with an accuracy rate of over 99%. They’re touted as anti-terrorism and anti-crime tools, which they certainly are.
But as Stalin’s ruthless secret police chief Lavrentiy Beria said, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” It’s easy to see that power being abused to target everyday citizens.
(By the way, Beria would ultimately prove his own point, as he was later arrested and executed for treason).
And actually, many people welcome intrusive surveillance technology on the grounds of convenience. As an example, look at microchipping, where people are injected with a small microchips beneath their skin. Microchipping has been associated with an Orwellian nightmare in which Big Brother constantly monitors your every move.
Well, over 4,000 Swedes have already happily volunteered to have it done.
In addition to acco‌unt information that negates the need to carry cash or credit cards to pay for goods, these chips can contain personal information. It’s all happened fairly quickly. Just a few years ago, the very idea of it would have sent chills down the spines of most people.
But that’s how fast Big Brother can go from nightmare to reality, and appear benign or even beneficial.
Big Brother’s on full display in China right now, but he could be on his way here before too long.