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NYT pushes colour revolution for Hong Kong

NYT Cheerleads US Color Revolution Attempt in Hong Kong

By Stephen Lendman

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August 16, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - China’s official People’s Daily broadsheet minced no words, saying: “There is no question that the (Trump regime) has its hand in what is going on in Hong Kong.”

It “signaled its support for protesters in” the city, what’s been ongoing for months, an attempt to destabilize the country at a time of Trump regime-instigated trade war — initiated to undermine its industrial, economic, and technological development.

China’s Global Times asked: “Is a color revolution taking place in Hong Kong? We think so…(rioters involved in the) ruthless destruction of the city’s rule of law.”

Radical protesters want to paralyze the city, undermine the authority of the government and police.”

Demonstrations are no longer a complementary way of expressing demands under the legal framework, but an attempt to overthrow the rule of law and reshape the city’s power structure. This is a typical color revolution.”

A statement by the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region said the following:

The distortion of reality, the blind observance of double standards by American politicians is already close to hysteria,” adding:

They conspired with radical criminal elements and are insanely involved in anti-Chinese criminal cases in Hong Kong” — indicating Beijing’s fury toward the Trump regime over what’s going on and likely intention to respond in its own way at its own time.

China’s envoy to Moscow Zhang Hanhui warned foreign nations, notably the US, against “stick(ing) their noses in our affairs.”

In an August 13 article, I suggested what’s going on is a Trump regime attempt to destabilize China by targeting it soft Hong Kong underbelly — many residents in the city pro-Western.

US dirty hands likely orchestrated and manipulated pro-Western 5th column elements Hong Kong to riot against its ruling authorities and Beijing.

Geopolitical/economic know-nothing Trump most likely doesn’t know or understand what’s going on in parts of the world disruptively because of his regime’s actions — run by Pompeo, Bolton and their henchmen.

On Tuesday, he nonsensically tweeted: “Many are blaming me, and the United States, for the problems going on in Hong Kong. I can’t imagine why?”

On Wednesday, he suggested a meeting with China’s Xi Jinping to discuss the ongoing protests, what won’t resolve a thing if held.

Beijing wants US meddling in its internal affairs stopped. US dirty hands are all over what’s going on in the city. The ball is in the court of Trump regime hardliners running his hostile geopolitical agenda.

The NYT never met a US war of aggression, color revolution, old-fashioned coup, or other hostile actions by its ruling authorities on the world stage it didn’t wholeheartedly support.

Addressing what’s happening in the city, its hostile to peace and stability right-wing editors turned truth on its head, calling US-manipulated/radicalized rioters largely “young people…who ardently don’t want to come further under the repressive rule of the Chinese Communists.”

So-called “Chinese Communists” are free market capitalists, heading the nation toward becoming the world’s leading economy one day.

Its successful system created longterm economic growth and development. Ellen Brown quoted Michael Hudson saying the US demands “economic regime change” in China, wanting it conforming to the failed Western model it rejects, adding:

They should have the same kind of free market that has wrecked the US (and other Western) econom(ies).”

China embarrasses them by the efficiency and effectiveness of its economic and financial model it’s not about to let US bullying change.

Beijing’s system is “an economic threat to the Western neoliberal model, and it is this existential threat that is the target of the (Trump regime’s) trade and currency wars today,” Ellen Brown explained.

US color revolution tactics in Hong Kong, its ongoing trade war, and the Obama regime’s Asia pivot, continued by Trump, to establish a greater Pentagon military footprint in the Indo/Pacific are part of Washington’s war by other means on China.

The NYT pretends otherwise, supporting Hong Kong rioters, falsely claiming unacceptable disruptive tactics reflect free expression dissent.

If violent protests erupted in US cities and continued for days, especially if orchestrated and manipulated by a foreign power, they’d be state-sponsored blood in the streets putting them down.

Stephen Lendman is a 2008 Project Censored winner and 2011 Mexican Journalists Club international journalism award recipient. Visit his web site: - (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at Stephen's newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” -

Crowd control Chinese style

China Readies 'Giant Forks' To Subdue Hong Kong Protesters

17 August, 2019

Hong Kong protesters may be in for an electrifying experience after Chinese riot police were pictured training with 'terrifying giant fork devices' designed to subdue humans and pin them to the ground, according to the Mirror
While unconfirmed, the 8-foot poles with U-shaped prongs are believed to be able to deliver an electric shock.
The protests, now in their 11th week, have been alternating between the streets, subways, and airports of Hong Kong. While largely peaceful, there is a growing contingent of activists using violence and property destruction to protest the government, resulting in police tear gassings and beatings. 
As we have been noting over the last week, satellite images confirmed President Trump's warning that Chinese troops were massing on the Hong Kong border.
And on Thursday, AFP published photos showing more military buildup unfolding in Shenzen. The photos revealed what Reuters reports are hundreds of members of the People's Armed Police, a pro-regime paramilitary organization, carrying out military exercises in a stadium in Shenzen. They could be preparing to carry out demonstrations of its own in Hong Kong.
On Saturday, businesses shuttered their doors and windows in anticipation of more mayhem, however cloudy skies put an early damper on the demonstrations. 
Saturday’s mostly peaceful protest suggested that it may - though thousands also attended a pro-police counter-rally, and a clearer picture is not likely to emerge until Sunday when a protest is scheduled that could draw tens of thousands.
“The government has been ignoring us for months. We have to keep demonstrating,” said CS Chan, a maths teacher at a rally of teachers, which police said up to 8,300 people had attended, in heavy rain. Organisers said 22,000 were present.
Demonstrators say they are fighting the erosion of the “one country, two systems” arrangement that has enshrined some autonomy for Hong Kong since China took it back from Britain in 1997. -Reuters
As the skies cleared up, protesters marched through Kowloon, whole pro-police demonstrators rallied in harbourside park across the bay. 

What are the leaders of the Hong Kong protests doing in the US?

Leader of violent protests leaves HK to pursue master's in U.S.

17 August, 2019

An activist who played a core role in orchestrating recent protests in Hong Kong has revealed that he left Hong Kong for the U.S. to get a master's degree at Yale University.

Nathan Law, one of the leaders of an anti-government group, on Wednesday posted on Facebook that he had arrived in New York and will soon depart for Yale to finish a master's program over the next year.

The group, which is one of the organizers of the frenzied violent protests plaguing Hong Kong for weeks, has been planning a massive student strike, appealing to students of middle schools and colleges to boycott classes and take to the streets starting next month.

Law took center stage during the illegal "Occupy Central" movement in late 2014.

In 2016, he and Joshua Wong founded the anti-government group.

Law and Wong were recently caught meeting with the staff of the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong in a hotel.

One staff member was later identified as the political unit chief of the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong.

(Cover: Profile photo of Nathan Law in Hong Kong, China, September 28, 2016. /VCG Photo)

Hong Kong pro-democracy 

lawmakers in US to discuss 

city’s crisis with politicians 

and business leaders

  • Dennis Kwok and Alvin Yeung of the Civic Party say they want to tell the truth about what’s happening in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong is sick, Kwok says. ‘Every time that symptoms come out, you just give that guy … expired painkillers, hoping that symptoms will go away’

Two pro-democracy lawmakers from Hong Kong are in the United States to meet government officials and business leaders to discuss the political unrest that has left the city in turmoil.

Dennis Kwok Wing-hang and Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu of the Civic Party said they wanted to tell the truth about what was happening in Hong Kong to the international community. They will also speak to government officials about how to move forward a bill US Congress will deliberate next month that could tighten Washington’s watch over the city.

The international community is important to Hong Kong,” Kwok said on Thursday at the Asia Society in New York. “I don’t think the [domestic] system is working as seen [by how the government dealt with] the extradition bill.”…

Said Yeung on Thursday: “We trust those in power in America, they will find out what's going on, and they will make a sound choice.”

The two legislators are expected to meet members of Congress from both parties in the coming days and also take part in a four-day US-Hong Kong dialogue in Montana next week.

Epstein's lawyers unhappy with "suicide" verdict

Epstein’s lawyers unsatisfied 

with suicide ruling, promise 

own independent probe

Epstein̢۪s lawyers unsatisfied with suicide ruling, promise own independent probe
17 August, 2019
The legal team of Jeffrey Epstein said they disagree with the medical examiner’s ruling that their client hanged himself. Promising their own investigation into his death, they have demanded CCTV footage from his prison cell.
“No one should die in jail,” the lawyers said in statement, which blasts the conditions in which Epstein was held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York as “harsh, even medieval.”
Lawyers were “not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner” on the cause of death of the alleged multi-millionaire, who stood accused of sex-trafficking underage girls. The examiner said that Epstein committed suicide in his cell on August 10 by using bedsheets to make an improvised noose.
The death swiftly prompted conspiracy theories alleging that Epstein was murdered by some of his high-profile friends over fears that his testimony could expose their involvement in the pedophile ring. What fueled the theories was public disbelief that such a notorious figure could have been left unguarded, especially after a previous attempt to take his own life.
In order to find out what really happened, the lawyers said they will conduct their “own independent and complete investigation” into Epstein’s death. They promised to take legal action to gain access to the “pivotal videos” from the prison “if they exist as they should.”
Epstein’s “safety was the responsibility of the MCC,” the lawyers wrote. “It is indisputable that the authorities violated their own protocols.”
The man was put on ‘suicide watch’ on July 23 after being found unconscious with bruises on his neck. However, he was removed from intensified supervision just a week later.
Multiple reports say Epstein was housed alone at MCC after his cellmate was transferred. The guards, who were on duty on the night of his death, are also claimed to have fallen asleep due to working overtime.
Epstein’s death is currently the subject of four federal investigations, with the night guards being among those probed.

Iranian oil tanker:The US Justice Department's sloppy mistake

'Detain Another Day'? US 
Justice Department Makes 
Sloppy Mistake in Warrant 
for Iranian Oil Tanker

17 August, 2019

The tanker, carrying Iranian oil, was previously seized by Gibraltar authorities following a tip from the US that it was allegedly travelling to Syria in violation of EU sanctions. It was later released on 15 August, despite last-minute attempts by Washington to prevent this.
The warrant that the US Justice Department issued on 16 August to seize the oil tanker, previously known as Grace 1, was filed and registered despite an apparent mistake in the text. The warrant claims that the complaint against the ship was filed on the 16 November, instead of August, 2019. Notably, the stamp confirming the receipt of the warrant showed the correct date.
The document also uses the ship's old name, Grace 1, instead of its new one, which was adopted soon after its release from detention in Gibraltar – Adrian Darya – according to the deputy head of the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organisation, Jalil Eslami.
Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 sits anchored awaiting a court ruling on whether it can be freed after it was seized in July by British Royal Marines off the coast of the British Mediterranean territory, in the Strait of Gibraltar, southern Spain, August 15, 2019.
Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 sits anchored awaiting a court ruling on whether it can be freed after it was seized in July by British Royal Marines off the coast of the British Mediterranean territory, in the Strait of Gibraltar, southern Spain, August 15, 2019.
The US issued the warrant soon after a previous failed attempt to seize the ship in Gibraltar, where it was held for over a month. According to the document, the tanker, along with all of its oil cargo and $995,000 are subject to forfeiture based on alleged violations of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), bank fraud, money laundering, and supporting terrorism.
British authorities in Gibraltar detained the Grace 1 on 4 July following a tip from the US, which claimed that the tanker was carrying oil destined for Syria in circumvention of EU sanctions against the Arab Republic. Tehran vehemently denied the claims.
The tanker's detention sent Iran-UK's ties into downward spiral, with Tehran denouncing the detention as illegal and vowing to seize a British vessel in response. One such ship was detained, but due to alleged violations of maritime laws and not in "retaliation" for the Grace 1, Iran assured.

Iranian Tanker Grace 1 Leaving Gibraltar After Month-Long Arrest (Video)

18 August, 2019

Earlier this week, the Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 was given permission to leave Gibraltar after spending a month in detention after it was seized by UK marines.
Watch Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 leaving Gibraltar, a month after it was formally detained on suspicion of breaching EU sanctions against Syria.
Commenting on the issue, acting Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell claimed that the vessel was detained at the request of the United States, which has long been seeking to curtail Iranian oil exports.
The Gibraltar government later confirmed that Washington had made a last-minute request to halt the release of the seized Iranian vessel on a number of allegations.

Secret anti-Iran talks

US Joins Secret Talks 

Between Israel & UAE 

Targeting Iran

Secret talks have been ongoing between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, focused on sharing intelligence against Iran and possibly military cooperation. The talks have progressed to the point that the US is now joining the talks too.
Israel and the UAE have some security ties, but don’t have public relations. That they’re discussing Iran reflects Israel’s long-standing hostility toward Iran, and the UAE’s close proximity to Iran.
Iranian Revolutionary Guards drive speedboats at the port of Bandar Abbas. Image source: AFP
While some are presenting the US joining of the talks as proof they are making progress, a lot isn’t understood about what’s going on, and particularly unclear is what the UAE is trying to work out. 
The UAE seems to be trying to balance multiple interests, as they’ve tried to talk to Iran about maritime security in recent days, and seem not to be looking to pick fights with them. That’s in stark contrast to Israel, for whom picking fights with Iran is the centerpiece of decades of foreign policy. 
It’s clear that the UAE has an interest in keeping the US happy, and that probably requires keeping Israel at lease sort of placated in this regard. So while they aren’t trying to start anything against Iran they’re trying to walk the tightrope of balancing both sides to keep everyone satisfied.