Thursday, 6 December 2018

"Today Russia began telling its people war is coming"

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Ukraine and (Former Soviet) Georgia to Join NATO; -- SENDING NATO NAVAL FORCES TO AZOV SEA ! ! RUSSIA SAYS "NO ENTRY"
EU Blacklists Russian Separatists, as Tensions Between East and West Deepen

5 December, 2018

Pavlo Anatoliyovych Klimkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, made the startling announcement that both Ukraine and the former Soviet client state of Georgia, will become members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).   Both countries border Russia.

According to geo-political experts, this announcement is among the worst possible developments in world affairs.  Said one State Department Official who asked to remain anonymous because his remarks run contrary to government position "It puts Russia on-notice that NATO is aggressively surrounding Russia with the obvious goal of either bringing Russia to its knees or outright conquest."  He went on to say "Russian President Putin has said publicly, if you know a fight is unavoidable, then you have to punch first.  Today's move by NATO might be read by Russia as them having to punch first."

NATO Foreign Ministers met with the Foreign Ministers of Georgia and Ukraine on Tuesday (4 December 2018) to address the security situation in the Black Sea region and the Alliance’s support for both nations.

NATO has substantially increased its presence in the Black Sea region over the past few years, at sea, in the air and on the ground. The Alliance remains committed to strengthening its ties with both Georgia and Ukraine.


Poroshenko 'putting world on brink of war' in pursuit of power - Russia Duma (Congress) Speaker Volodin -- via Interfax

Army ready to defend interests of Russia, its allies - Russian Army General Gerasimov - via Interfax

Worse: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now saying "In light of Russia’s repeated (Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty violations and larger pattern of lawlessness, the U.S. declares it has found Russia in material breach of the treaty and will suspend our obligations as a remedy effective in 60 days, unless returns to full and verifiable compliance."  

Russia denies it is violating the Treaty and President Vladimir Putin warned that if the US leaves the INF Treaty and begins building new missiles, Russia will build new missiles too.  Russia points out that NATO broke the INF treaty when they installed missile shield in Romania and Poland first.  Thus, Russia's new middle range systems is the answer.

Now NATO points to Russia for blame, as if reality is unknown by everyone.
Russia strongly opposed to INF Treaty deconstruction; ready for dialogue without ultimatums." - Foreign Ministry

In another ominous development, "Donetsk People's Republic" spokesman Novohuilos has now announced that unmarked Ukrainian tanks arrived to Mariupol and will be likely used in false-flag operation against civilians.

Applying usual mirror: Russian proxies are going to attack.

That's a Minsk treaty violation; No heavy armor 40 km from Novorussian border.

As these events took place, Ukraine also successfully launched its Neptune cruise missile which hit a sea target 280km away during drills near Odessa. Also, interestingly 8 missiles from the S-125 modernized anti-aircraft system were also fired and successfully hit+sank 8 Sea-based targets.

BREAKING as the story was in-production:  Ukrainian army senior official confirms NATO members have internally agreed naval forces will be sent to the Azov Sea. Currently the necessary paperwork is in preparation. 

This means that NATO naval vessels will now stand-in for Ukrainian Navy vessels in the contested sea area.  

The trouble is that in order for NATO ships to get into the Sea of Azov, they would have to navigate beneath the Kerch Strait Bridge - which is solely and exclusively RUSSIAN TERRITORY.   Russia is already saying NATO ships "will not be allowed into the Sea of Asov."

Today Russia began telling its people war is coming:
Kremlin rabidest propaganda barker Solovyov says NATO ships may come but they can't pass the Kerch strait bridge. On both sides of the bridge are Russian territories. If NATO wants war war shall they get.


Poroshenko 'putting world on brink of war' in pursuit of power - Russia Duma (Congress) Speaker Volodin -- via Interfax

Army ready to defend interests of Russia, its allies - Russian Army General Gerasimov - via Interfax

Hal Turner did a pretty good show on this

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