Wednesday, 5 December 2018

More on methane emissions at the North Pole

This is a fairly impressive 'mea culpa' from Joe Neubarth. There is a recogition all around as to what this MAY be.

I am on record as having said that I do not believe in the possibility of a near term massive methane release as Guy McPherson projected. Right now, it looks like I am wrong and he is right.

My reticence on this issue was based upon the gradual increase in methane release from under the Arctic Ocean shallows that we were seeing on the MetOp 1 and 2 satellites. Being a historian I am a firm believer in, "As it was, so shall it be." Unfortunately, NOAA has royally screwed with the data and we do not know what is going on Way Up North.

Right now, with all that reddish dark brown in the CAMS (Copernicus Atmospheric Measurement System) data, it looks like we are screwed and I most certainly was wrong.

In humility, I will stand back and observe and we shall see what unfolds, but right now, it does not look promising. I wish and hope and pray that those high readings are just an aberration and that we will go back to our slow onion like peeling of the methane layers in the Arctic shallow floors.”

Forecast Image
Meanwhile there has been another sizable quake near the Pole.
4.8 earthquake near the North Pole

M 4.8 - North of Severnaya Zemlya 2018-12-04 19:14:39 (UTC)85.409°N 89.308°E10.0 km depth

This is very near the North Pole (USGS)
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Another day goes by without data from NOAA

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