Thursday, 6 December 2018

Margo livestream discussing high methane levels and earthquakes

There is nothing that I can say is more important than seeing and understanding this data, especially the extremely high levels of methane in the Arctic Sea.

Margo, quite correctly in my mind, asks ‘where are all the scientists?’. Why is no one venturing even an initial response to what could easily be devastating news for all inhabitants of the planet?

What is clear, is that data and information is being suppressed and if things get much worse are likely to go dark, so we know nothing about what is going on.

High Arctic Methane Levels & Earthquakes - Livestream Dec. 5, 2018

Margo, The Scientific Empath, will be looking at the extremely high methane levels in the Arctic, along with earthquakes and more. Time is short - get your spiritual houses in order.

God bless everyone.
Power to the Truth! Peace,

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