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France Deploying 89,000 Cops + Army Troops FEARING SATURDAY OVERTHROW OF GOVERNMENT

France Deploys 89,000 Cops Amid Fears Of Yellow Vest Rebellion On Saturday

6 December, 2018

French authorities will deploy at least 8,000 riot police and gendarmes in Paris on Saturday, and 89,000 forces across the country according to the Prime Minister, as the Elysee prepares for "act four" of the Yellow Vest movement's violent protests against the Macron government. 
In addition to the closure of the Eiffel Tower on Saturday, several Paris museums have announced that they won't be open this weekend.

"The demonstrations announced Saturday, December 8 in Paris cannot guarantee the safety of visitors, the Sete has made the decision to close the Eiffel Tower," announced the Societe de la Tour Eiffel which operates the monument.
Despite Macron's government delaying a planned fuel hike by six months, the Yellow Vest movement has called on its followers to "stay on our course," over Facebook and gather for "The Act IV"  on Saturday the 8th, in what will be the fourth week of protests. 
Coup attempt?

French intelligence services have reported to the Elysee Palace - the official residence of President Macron, in light of "calls to kill" and "carry arms to attack" government officials, parliamentarians and police, according to Le Figaro. "They are putschists. We are in a coup attempt," said Le Figaro's sources. 

On Thursday, Yellow Vest leader Eric Drouet said "Saturday will be the final outcome. Saturday is the Elysee," adding "we all would like to go to the Elysee.

Le Figaro also reports that Saturday's demonstrations may involve unprecedented violence, as it may include "a hard core radicalized" element,  from "both the extreme right and extreme left.

Embedded video
BREAKING: France protests turn violent, as yellow-jacket protesters begin clashing with police.

One thing is becoming abundantly clear, these protests are not about a "gas tax increase."

They want corrupt globalist Macron to step down.
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Four people have died over the last several weeks of protests across France - including an 80-year-old woman who died of shock after a police tear-gas canister was launched into her apartment window as she was trying to close it. Over 400 people were arrested in last weekend's violent protests, while more than 130 were injured. 

Macron's administration has struggled to calm the protesters - initially delaying a planned fuel tax hike by six months, and then floating a tax increase for the wealthy. Thus far, none of it has worked. 

Yellow Vest protesters recently told Russian state-owned RT that the government has lost touch with its people, and that they have to "put humane attitude first, and not the money." Another protester said that they "would prefer to be at work, than to find [themselves] on the streets shouting, hoping for nothing."

France Deploying 89,000 Cops + Army Troops FEARING SATURDAY OVERTHROW OF GOVERNMENT

6 December, 2018

With protesters planning to converge in the Elysee Palace in Paris on Saturday, French authorities are preparing to deploy 8,000 additional officers in Paris and 89,000 nationwide.

While Emmanuel Macron’s government has abandoned a controversial fuel tax hike, thousands of protesters are still planning on marching on the presidential residence on Saturday. Calls have been made to attack parliamentarians and police forces, French media report.
Saturday will be the final outcome,”  Yellow Vest spokesman Eric Drouet said on Thursday. Saturday is the Elysee, we all would like to go to the Elysee.”

With government officials reportedly fearing a coup attempt,” OR OUTRIGHT OVERTHROW OF THE GOVERNMENT, the state has dramatically expanded police presence, hoping to avoid a repeat of the violence and destruction that rocked the capital last weekend. Over 130 people were injured and more than 400 arrested on December 1. Four people, including an elderly woman, died as rioters clashed with battalions of riot police.

As the interior ministry warned of an emboldened extremist fringe, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe promised that this weekend’s upcoming riots would be handled with exceptional means.”

"We are facing people who are not here to protest, but to smash and we want to have the means to not give them a free rein," Philippe told TF1's evening news show on Tueday.

On the street, that means that more than 75 police units will be deployed in Paris, compared to the 50 sent out last weekend. Officers have also been instructed to directly engage with protesters, prompting fears of violence above and beyond that of last weekend.

Video purportedly filmed last Saturday showed officers chasing down and beating one protester to a pulp, after rioters had pelted officers with rocks and fireworks at the Arc de Triomphe earlier that day.

 Police attacked:

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protesters kicking a riot police officer today in . Police are firing rubber bullets. Protesters are throwing rocks. Looks messy.
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According to French media, Philippe will also deploy ten armored vehicles to the streets of Paris. Such a deployment has not occurred since riots broke out in Paris' suburbs in 2005.

Unconfirmed images from social media also appear to show the French army moving vehicles – some of them armored – towards Paris.

Paris police have urged shopkeepers along the Champs-Elysees to close on Saturday, and dozens of museums and cultural sites will also be shut for the weekend, including the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Against the backdrop of rising violence, President Macron’s approval rating has fallen to a new low of 23 percent, according to a poll taken last week. Another poll taken this week found that 66 percent of French agree with the protesters. At least three left-wing parties have agreed to discuss a no-confidence vote against Macron’s government on Monday.

While the protests were sparked by the planned fuel tax hike, they have since evolved into a wider movement against his Europhile policies and economic reforms, which include tax breaks for businesses coupled with cuts to pensioners’ benefits.

The revolt is not just about the gas prices,” French political commentator Jean Bricmont says. It’s a general revolt against the policy of the government.”

6 December, 2018

Protests and riots in France are worsening and today, elements of the French Army are being seen deploying toward Paris.

Earlier this week, Police in France's capital city called for the Army, saying the protests and riots have become "a Revolution."
Reports are now coming in from several places in France, describing significant numbers of French Army vehicles seen deploying and mustering near Paris and other large cities in France as protests and riots continue to rock that country.

Not only is the French Army deploying, but French Police are calling-out EVERY heavy-duty/armored vehicle they have to handle the events taking place:
The protests began after the French government enacted a significant tax increase on gasoline, which brought the costs upward of $7.49 per gallon.

Motorists in France, who are required by law to keep an Yellow/Lime Green Safety vest in the trunk of each car for safety purposes, donned those vests to decry the tax increase.   The protests grew so fast, and became so widespread, the protesters were suddenly referred-to as "Yellow jackets."
Soon after the protests began, some turned into riots, with the French people using the occasion of the Yellow Jacket protests over tax, to begin protesting immigration and the terrible changes to France that have taken place since millions of third worlders were allowed into that country.
Crime, filth, and danger now rule the streets of many large French cities because of these immigrants, and the French people seem to have had quite enough.
A posting on Social Media, which has gone viral -- and continues to BE viral to this day - warns that December 10, TSHTF in France:
"Nous nous adressons à la population, c'est le calme avant la tempête !!! Faites des provisions, de l'essence /gazoil, faites le pleins en nourriture et médicaments !!! Nous allons tout bloquer dès le 10 décembre !!! Nous nous arrêterons quand se que nous demandons sera réellement mis en place !!! Assez de nous prendre pour des cons !! Nous voulons vivre et non survivre !!! Rejoignez nous le10 décembre !! Aucune école, aucune administration ! Ouverte !! Aucun magasin !! Nous bloquerons les accès et sorties d'aéroport !!les grandes surfaces ! Les bureaux !! La Srpp !! Nous prévenons la population !!! Rejoignez nous au différents barrages ou restez chez vous ! Nous les GJ sommes non violents et ne voulons pas que de belles paroles mais des actes !!! LE 10 DÉCEMBRE TOUS ENSEMBLE !!!!
Translated, the social media posting reads as follows:
"This is a message for the population: It is the calm before the storm!!! Make provisions: fuel, food, medicines!! 
We are going to block everything starting from the 10th of December. We will only stop once what we are asking is implemented.
We have had enough of being taken for fools.  
We want to live, and not just survive. 
Come with us on the 10th of December. No school, no government services open for business.
We will block all entries and exits to airports, supermarkets, offices etc... 
We are alerting the population. Come with us on the blockades or stay at home.
We yellow jackets are non violent, but we will not be satisfied with pretty words. We want acts! 
All together the 10th of December!!!"
Reports now coming in saying France intends to deploy 65,000 POLICE on December 10, and as seen in the photos above, the ARMY is being deployed as well.
This could be the end for French President Emmanuel Macron.  A "no confidence" vote is expected in the French Parliament


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