Thursday, 2 August 2018

UK media pushing a false narrative om Tommy Robinson

This video has had 13 K ‘dislikes’ and 4.2K ‘likes’. 

Is that a reflection of public opinion in Britain?

The media has played a dispicable role in distorting Tommy Robinson and what he stands for, as well as defending the actions of a judge in Leeds and his illegal kangaroo court.

Tommy Robinson has been vindicated and the response across the media is sour grapes and doubling down on their distortion of the truth
 Tommy Robinson is in prison and this is why

Chennel 4

 Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months after streaming a Facebook Live outside a court in the UK. His supporters say he was just exercising free speech and a campaign for his freedom - #FreeTommy - has spread across social media.  
He was charged with contempt of court for the second time in a year and sentenced on the day of his arrest. 

So is Tommy Robinson being victimised in an effort to silence him? 

Or is he guilty of a serious crime that could have threatened justice being served in an active criminal case? 

In this So What we look at who Tommy Robinson is, what he did in Leeds and whether his punishment was fair. 

Links for further reading: - The Secret Barrister on the Tommy Robinson case - Stephanie Finnegan’s first-hand account from the Robinson hearing - The BBC’s report on Robinson’s hearing - Contempt of Court law - Breach of the peace explained

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