Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The full interview of Molyneux/Suthern they didn't want you to see

If these two are what they say then we are in deep shit in this country. Which we are. We have a deep ethical crisis,not only in this country but everywhere in the West.

I may not agree with much that they say, especially about the nature of western Civilisation but they are rational and intelligent people who make mincemeat of media hacks like Patrick Gower.

I believe that people should be judged by what they say in their own words, and not what is ascribed to them.

This is the same media that is censoring the truth on something that  really matters - abrupt climate change and the rapid destruction of human habitat.

The New Zealand TV Interview They Wouldn’t Show You!

Stefan Molyneux

While on the Australian portion of the Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern LIVE! tour, Stefan and Lauren sat down with New Zealand's Sunday TVNZ program for an interview.

While Sunday TVNZ only published laughingly brief snippets of the long-form discussion - you now have the opportunity to watch the entire interview that they really don't want you to see!

Watch the EDITED version from TVNZ Sunday HERE

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