Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Sane Progressive asks questions about the California wildfire

Debbie, Sane Progressive has evaded me on my Facebook timeline for a while now.

She and Naomi Wolf, between them are the only ones that have persuaded me to look at geoengineering as a possible reality.

It still goes against the grain but at the very least there are questions to be answered

It is TIME to have a honest discussion about California wildfires. Questioning and reason are not tin foil hat

This is RIDICULOUS. Incinerated houses and intact foliage and trees. Not an anomaly of one or two, but CONSISTENT footage with intact foliage ringing neighborhoods and incinerated houses as islands. THIS. IS. NOT. WHAT. A. WILDFIRE. LOOKS. LIKE. I will post additional videos in the comments for your review and that is the BEST way to approach this subject. Foliage burns in wildfires. It is the fuel that spreads them. To those who say trees are wet and don't burn, uhm...the media is telling you red flag conditions exist with foliage being tinder dry to be favorable for vegetation fires. If the foliage was wet and didn't burn, you wouldn't have a wildfire to begin with - And, to those who say that embers can go miles...uhm...yes, an ember could travel and start a burn but it would need HUGE FUEL to burn as to incinerate toilets and sinks and melt cars and besides...why are the embers not hitting the trees and foliage in the neighborhoods and only houses? What I hear is excuses that don't actually address what we are seeing...

---Sane Progressive 

Dr Michio Kaku: Laser weather modification

Wildfire Burns Cars on California Interstate

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  1. Once again, I'm seeing people run for the explanations that defy common sense, and ignore facts (easily found via a search) that appropriately/accurately explain what we are seeing in the current fires and fire behavior. It's not D.E.W. And in reference to the trees - it's not wet foliage, but rather the moisture content of living trees that makes a difference. Geoengineering has greatly contributed to the incendiary/explosive growth of the fires. Climate change/warming, has also influenced the changes we see. Please read the updated version of this GeoengineeringWatch article to better understand these facts >