Friday, 3 August 2018

Hurricane Hector could hit Hawaii

Hurricane Hector to Hit Hawaii- Cat 5 - 20" of Rain

2 August, 2018

A major Pacific Ocean Hurricane has already formed and is presently heading toward the Hawaiian Islands with winds in excess of 100 mph.

Impact on the big Island of Hawaii is projected by computer models to begin around August 7, with very severe conditions taking place on the 8th, 9th and 10th for the other islands in the small island chain.
The storm is already a category 5 Hurricane with SUSTAINED winds greater than 100 MPH.  The storm is expected to continue strengthening and to become much more severe in coming days.
Persons in Hawaii are URGED to get Emergency food, water, any medicines they may need, flashlights, numerous spare batteries, a portable AM/FM radio to keep informed via news, and to begin earnestly preparing their homes for the onslaught from this storm.  DO NOT WAIT.   If you fail to begin taking steps right now, the things you need will be SOLD OUT by the time you try to get them.
Outdoor furniture will have to be secured.  Windows and doors of homes will have to be boarded up.  Sand Bags are advisable in areas known to flood.
Residents should expect severe winds, heavy rain, loss of electricity (perhaps for weeks) severe flash flooding.  
Forecast projections are showing total rainfall accumulations of TWENTY INCHES in three days.   
It is not known what effect that much water will have on the Kilauea volcano and its active lava flows, but water hitting lava is not a good thing; and with more than 20" expected to fall, scientists are fearing what they call a Phreatic Eruption (Steam blast eruption).
Again, residents are URGED to begin preparing right now.  Don't wait until the storm gets closer because those who wait will find themselves unable to get even basic supplies.

Hurricane Hector could hit Hawaii & The MODELS aren't working well

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