Friday, 3 August 2018

Further melt on the Beaufort Sea

Thinning of the ice on the Beaufort Sea

There has been hot weather spreading up to above Alaska in the last few days which has thinned the ice as can be seen below. 

That is Alaska on the bottom left; the Bering Strait and eastern Siberia at the top-left.

Here are some representations of ice thickness and concentration in the area

This is how things look in the entire region as relates to sea ice concentration
These are the absolute temperatures in the Arctic. Temperatures seem to have sunk below zero again in the Beaufort sector and just above zero in the bulk of the region and warmer at the Pole itself

These are the temperature anomalies.

Sea temperature anomalies.  There is a lot of warmer water around the edges of the Pole.

Climate Cast with Margo (Aug. 2, 2018)

Margo reviews the world temperatures, Arctic & Antarctic sea ice, methane, sulfur dioxide, ozone & carbon dioxide worldwide.

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