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Arctic sea ice extent is now the lowest in the satellite record for the date and below the 2000’s average

What is the current Arctic sea ice extent?

The data for yesterday’s sea ice extent is now the lowest in the satellite record for the date and below the 2000’s average

The anomalous year continues... today's extent is now the lowest in the satellite record for the date (JAXA) Zack Labe UCI

This is from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) – I am unsure of the date for this.

How this squares with this I am not quite sure.

I have included comments from Torstein Viddal from his website.

As we all know it is sea ice volume and thickness that really matters, not the extent.

Annual average sea ice volume is still 3rd lowest on record, but could go 4th lowest during August.

Arctic Sea Ice daily dose of melt–out statistics:
13,750 km³ (3rd lowest) is the annual average volume
18,205 km³ (3rd lowest) is the year–to–date average volume
9,933,836 km² (2nd lowest) is the annual average extent
11,791,705 km² (2nd lowest) is the year–to–date average extent

Annual volume (or 365–day average) is ��3.1 km³/day, ��24/week, ��144/month, ��1,140/year, ��100/5year (+0.7%), ��2,341/10year (–15%), ��7,770/20year (–36%), ��9,882/30year (–42%)
Annual extent is ��0.08k km²/day, ��2k/week, ��30k/month, ��152k/year, ��58k/5year (–0.6%), ��368k/10year (–3.6%)
Source: JAXA / PIOMAS (app estimate) for July 30th 2018.

True statements:
* 2017 sea ice volume was lowest on record.
* August 2016 to July 2018 sea ice volume is lowest on record.
* August 2015 to July 2018 sea ice volume is lowest on record.

Statistical 1–3–year linear decline trends suggest a 6–month ice–free Arctic Ocean by 2021–26. ESAS and other peripheral seas receive stronger sunshine for longer, and are also more exposed to waves and other strong oceanic feedbacks, like loss of Arctic inversion and stratification, so likely to go ice–free for the ½ year by 2020–25.

Methane is already escaping from the ESAS seabed in massive amounts, yet the volume of these releases is likely to pick up dramatically once sunshine and ocean heat are no longer spent melting local sea ice.

If we think of the Biosphere with all its millions of plant and animal species as ‘Gaia’ or ‘Earth’, then it is obvious that She wants human cities to be flooded, industrialism to cease and civilisation to end already. For we have chosen a great many decades ago that we want this to be our path. We excelled and collapsed. Polluticians like Stoltenberg and Brundtland in Norway, NATO and the UN were mere prophets of the clueless, mindless continuation of growth without limits, or prophets of the Massive Collapse, as they may be known for posterity. After the collapse.

And She is not indifferent to when She wants these cities all over the world to be flooded. They need to flood ASAP, so She can live. Our global industrial civilisation can only be compared to the comets that wiped out almost the entire Biosphere millions of years ago. And the Siberian Traps and the methane.

It needs to go and it needs to go fast. So that others can live. There will be a great dying of birds, trees, fish, insects and humans as She heats up the planet to rid Herself of organised humanity. But that dying is inevitable: It will happen sooner or later. The prophets of limitless growth made sure of that. And when it has to happen within a decade or a century, and all these species and individuals, including humans, need to be flooded out, the advantages of an Early Flood are plenty, and so we should embrace the melting out of the Arctic and the wholesale rebuilding of the Biosphere.

With modern technology we get to watch all of this play out from a front row seat.

--Torstein Viddal

There is now very little ice that is 1 meter thick or more

Compare that with a month ago (1 July)


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