Sunday, 22 July 2018

The economic collapse

Economic Collapse Confirmed! China 'Weaponize' Yuan For Dollar Collapse - 2018 Stock Market CRASH

The most incredible video of the imminent economic collapse and a major stock market crash.
Can we avoid the global economic collapse during this trade war between the two largest economies on the entire planet? We have never seen anything like this happen in the modern age, and this is creating a tremendous amount of uncertainty for the financial markets. China has been stealing our intellectual property, manipulating currency rates and slapping high tariffs on American goods. We simply could not allow China to continue to take advantage of us, but now we are so dependent on the Chinese that a trade war with them is going to inevitably produce a major economic collapse and stock market crash. We are all going to wish that another way could have been found to resolve this economic crisis, because in the short-term this is definitely going to hurt the U.S. economy and causing a major economic collapse. And if President Trump chooses to press forward with trade wars against Europe, Canada and Mexico at the same time as well, the pain for our economy is going to be off the charts.

Egon von Greyerz - All Hell Will Break Loose With Record Risk

Greg Hunter

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