Thursday, 12 July 2018

The 'alt-Right' nationalist view of Trump's NATO talks

Not my views!!

11 July, 2018

Absolutely stunning developments at the NATO Summit taking place in Belgium today; remarks by President Trump are sending shockwaves throughout Europe at this hour . . .
Trump told the Secretary General of NATO that "Germany is controlled by Russia" since Germany did away with their coal-fired and their atomic electric plants, choosing instead to build a new pipeline and buy vast amounts (70%) of their natural gas from . . . . Russia.   Trump then pointed out, "The United States is spending Billions to defend Germany and others from Russia, and yet the former Chancellor of Germany is now the head of the company which built a new pipeline to Russia so Germany can give Billions to Russia!"
Trump went on "This is completely inappropriate, it should have never been allowed to happen.  It is totally unfair to the American taxpayer to have to pay to defend Germany from Russia, only to have Germany turn around a pay billions for fuel to Russia. Something's got to be done about this."
Then, on a roll, Trump went on to say "NATO countries are not meeting their defense funding requirement of 2% of GDP. Germany is presently spending about 1%, and Germany is a very rich country.  They say they will increase spending ** a little ** by the year 2030, but they could spend it tomorrow.  This cannot go on.  I have told this to Germany and to NATO since I took office.  Something has got to be done and it will be done."

Hal Turner Commentary


As I reported earlier this week (HERE) Trump is going to lay an ultimatum onto NATO: Either increase your defense spending to the Treaty requirements within 6 months, or the United States will begin drawing down its protection of NATO in February, 2019, returning our troops home.  We will no longer be taken advantage of.
Folks, this is    H U G E.   No other American President has ever spoken to Europe this way and it is long overdue in my view.  And today is just the START of the NATO Summit.   
I am in close contact with my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community in order to get first-hand facts and the word I am getting is that Trump is so incredibly pissed, that he may file notice of US withdrawal from NATO before his trip ends!!!!

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