Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The ongoing saga in the British Establishment

Russian Agent dumping Novichok in 10 Downing Street.

Boris had early ambitions of becoming PM and going to 10 Downing St. - thwarted by the actions of Putin’s agent

The BBC seems to be downplaying the whole thing with this dominating its web page

Ditto the liberal, Establishment Guardian who produced this well down.
PM receives modest endorsement from Angela Merkel after Chequers deal

The Daily Mail

  • Theresa May is facing a 'guerrilla war' to make her drop her Brexit blueprint
  • Two senior Tories became the latest to quit on Tuesday
  • They told the PM her Chequers plan would damage their party and Britain
The pro-BREXIT, pro-UKIP Express - 

THERESA May has ordered her ministers to step up preparations for a "no deal" Brexit in a warning to the EU that Britain's patience is running out.

THERESA May's Chequers deal has marked "the end" of her leadership after prompting a series of significant Brexiteer departures from her Cabinet, Tory activist Patrick Sullivan said.


10 July, 2018

tw stop fall.png

Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX warned readers that a ‘centrist u-turn’ was about to start – with Labour MPs, shamefully, ready to prop up Theresa May rather than see the Tories fall and make way for a Corbyn-led Labour government.

Shortly afterwards, Theresa May went to the House of Commons to pitch her ‘Chequers deal’ to MPs. Here is a small selection of what followed:

The MPs shown have not been the only ones.


The compromise/national unity government message is being sown. This morning, Tom Watson actually said it was Labour’s job to prevent the fall of the Tory government.

A government that has inflicted misery on millions, including children and our most vulnerable – and whose policies have been linked to the deaths of well over one hundred thousand people.

A government that will continue its hounding of ordinary people and its despoiling of all that’s good in our society – whether we’re in the EU or out of it.

Any MP willing to support such a government has no place in the Labour Party – and the country needs to know it

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