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Novichok 2.0

Fake news from the Daily Mail - 

The headline seems to have disappeared from the internet but UK Column caught it.
  • Dawn Sturgess, 44, was infected by the deadly nerve agent in Wiltshire last week
  • Sturgess and her partner Charlie Rowley, 45, were admitted to Salisbury hospital
  • Her son Ewan claimed her heart stopped beating and she was starved of oxygen
  • Rowley, meanwhile, has 'just days to live', according to Sturgess's mum, Caroline
  • Scotland Yard say the couple handled a 'high dose' of world's deadliest poison

Of all the voices in Britain Craig Murray is one of those I trust the most.
Dawn Sturgess

9 July, 2018

The terrible death of Dawn Sturgess casts a new shadow over the Salisbury Affair. Dawn appears to have been a popular and well grounded woman with close friend and family ties, whose life had taken a downward turn before being cruelly ended.

The illogical, inconsistent and shifting government narrative over events in Salisbury and Amesbury had appeared so ludicrous as to be tragi-comic. Any sense of amusement is now abruptly dispelled. But less us take a serious and sober look at the government case.
Savid Javid stated today:
We know back in March that it was the Russians. We know it was a barbaric, inhuman act by the Russian state. Again, for this particular incident, we need to learn more and let the police do their work.

Actually, we know no such thing and, contrary to Javid’s deliberate insinuation, the police have adduced no evidence that it was the Russian state.
The media appear to have entirely excluded from the narrative that Porton Down specifically stated that they cannot determine the origin of the poison that attacked the Skripals. Nor has the OPCW. There are scores of both state and non-state actors who could have produced the nerve agent. No evidence has been produced as to the physical person who allegedly administered the poison. In short, nothing so far has been shown which would lead any reasonable person to conclude a case against the Russian state was proven.
I believe this following is the government narrative currently. I hope I am not mistating it:
Russia has a decade long secret programme of producing and stockpiling novichok nerve agents. It also has been training agents in secret assassination techniques, and British intelligence has a copy of the Russian training manual, which includes instruction on painting nerve agent on doorknobs. The Russians chose to use this assassination programme to target Sergei Skripal, a double agent who had been released from jail in Russia some eight years previously.
Only the Russians can make novichok and only the Russians had a motive to attack the Skripals.
The Russians had been tapping the phone of Yulia Skripal. They decided to attack Sergei Skripal while his daughter was visiting from Moscow. Their trained assassin(s) painted a novichok on the doorknob of the Skripal house in the suburbs of Salisbury. Either before or after the attack, they entered a public place in the centre of Salisbury and left a sealed container of the novichok there.
The Skripals both touched the doorknob and both functioned perfectly normally for at least five hours, even able to eat and drink heartily. Then they were simultaneously and instantaneously struck down by the nerve agent, at a spot in the city centre coincidentally close to where the assassins left a sealed container of the novichok lying around. Even though the nerve agent was eight times more deadly than Sarin or VX, it did not kill the Skripals because it had been on the doorknob and affected by rain.
Detective Sergeant Bailey attended the Skripal house and was also poisoned by the doorknb, but more lightly. None of the other police who attended the house were affected.
Four months later, Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess were rooting about in public parks, possibly looking for cigarette butts, and accidentally came into contact with the sealed container of a novichok. They were poisoned and Dawn Sturgess subsequently died.

I am going to leave you to mull over that story yourselves for a while. I believe it is a fair statement of the British government narrative. I also believe almost (but not quite) every single sentence is very obviously untrue. I hope tomorrow to publish a detailed analysis explaining why that is, but want you to look at it yourselves first.
One final thought. I trust that Dawn Sturgess will get a proper and full public inquest in accordance with normal legal process, something which was denied to David Kelly. I suspect that is something the government will seek to delay as long as possible, even indefinitely.
FENTANYL AGAIN? This couldn't have anything to do with the death of Dawn Sturgess, could it?
Doctors warn of super-strength synthetic heroin on the streets of Wiltshire

29 January, 2018

DOCTORS have been warned that super-strength synthetic heroin could be circulating in Wiltshire.

It comes after the discovery last month of a batch of heroin laced with fentanyl.

Sometimes used as a prescription painkiller, the synthetic opioid comes from the same family of drugs as heroin – but can be up to 50 times more potent. Only small quantities of the drug can be taken without potentially deadly consequences.

Wiltshire Police seized drugs contaminated with Fentanyl on December 19 from a 54-year-old Frome man arrested in Devizes.

When it was tested by laboratory technicians, the 36 grams of brown powder was found to contain cyclopropyl-fentanyl, diamorphine, caffeine and paracetamol.

Change Grow Live (CGL), which supports drug addicts in Swindon, warned GPs in the town that the potentially lethal fentanyl could be circulating in Swindon.

They advised drug users not to take substances that appear “different from usual”, not to use drugs alone and to seek medical help immediately if they notice “unusual” symptoms in themselves or someone they know.

In a joint statement, CGL and Swindon Borough Council’s public health team said: “This drug alert was put out earlier this month and all the current indications are that this was an isolated incident.

Drug alerts are commonly used to ensure that local agencies involved in the care and support of people who misuse substances are informed and able to respond to any risks appropriately.

To date, no positive test results have been returned that confirm any presence of fentanyl.”

A town centre rough sleeper said this week that he had not heard about fentanyl circulating in batches of heroin in Swindon: “I have heard about it a couple of months ago, but it wasn’t around here. It was up north.”

Last August, the National Crime Agency said that at least 60 people had died in the previous eight months after taking fentanyl. The majority of the deaths were in Yorkshire, Humberside and Cleveland.

Det Supt Pat Twiggs of West Yorkshire Police told the BBC at the time: “People are playing Russian roulette with their lives by taking this stuff. That’s why we would strongly recommend to the drug-using community to stay away from it.

The business is not done under lab conditions, it’s not done by scientists, it’s done in a very uncontrolled way by people seeking out profit. This is why we’re concerned when you’re dealing with such toxic chemicals.”

UK Column asks the obvious question

UK Column News - 9th July 2018


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