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More on temerature extremes in Europe and North America

Possible heat wave in Spain for the next week: we will reach the 45 ° C

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3 July, 2018

Take advantage of these temperatures as pleasant because it may be on the verge of disappearing. The presence of a dorsal african, very close to our country from the next week may shoot thermometers, especially in the centre and south of the iberian peninsula. Some forecasters indicate that it could reach 45 degrees celsius in communities such as Extremadura and Andalusia.

The first episode of heat very strong is about to come. According to some weather models, among which are the european, beginning next week there will be a strong inrush, sub-tropical, a result of a dorsal african placed in the south of the country, he's going to shoot thermometers (and how!). With a maximum of between 44 ° C and 45 ° C in communities such as Andalusia and Extremadura, the forecasters are already talking about the first heat wave of truth of the year.

In any case, would be the temperatures this year have not yet seen. Yes it is true that the previous episode of heat already gave us a small preview of what may be the summer of torrid, with highs of up to 42ºC in Córdoba and Jaén. But this would have no point of comparison.

For the moment, the experts are cautious and point out that it is early to confirm the episode 100%, especially taking into account that a depression isolated at high levels (DANA) will also be swarming the Atlantic, far enough from our shores to that, in principle, affect us but that, if it varies its trajectory, it could influence the time finally.

What is clear is that the start of the coming week will be especially hot. On Monday ,in cities such as Badajoz and Saragossa, we'll talk about maximum of 40ºC, while in others such as Madrid or Seville rondaremos 38ºC/39ºC. While, they will stay fresh in Barcelona or Valencia, where it shall not exceed 33ºC.

The 'wall of Africa' is the key

The reason of this change of time is at the entrance of a dorsal from africa. A 'wall' that will be situated between the coasts of Morocco and Cadiz, bringing with it warm air that will spread across the country during the week. If this is converted or not in a major heat wave, it is something that will have to be determined in the next few days. For the moment, one thing is clear: we will say goodbye (forever?) at these temperatures so pleasant. And ojito, because also again the tropical nights.

Scotland 'breaks temperature record'

2 July, 2018

Scotland has recorded its hottest ever temperature, according to provisional figures from the Met Office.

On Thursday 28 June, a temperature of 33.2C degrees was measured in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire.

It exceeds the 32.9C recorded in August 2003, at Greycrook in the Borders.

It was previously believed Glasgow returned Scotland's hottest temperature on the hottest day of the year on Thursday at 31.6C, which was rounded up to 32C.

The "weatherproof" membrane of Glasgow Science Centre melted in the sun
Forecasters also said average temperatures made it the fourth hottest June ever experienced in Scotland.

It was the fourth sunniest June for the UK overall.

On Thursday, high temperatures triggered speed restrictions on rail routes in central Scotland and roads melted in Aberdeenshire, Moray and Fife.

The "weatherproof" membrane on Glasgow Science Centre's roof melted and dripped black "goo" down the building.

Thursday 28 June became Scotland's warmest day of 2018 so far.

The sweltering spell has continued into July, with many parts enjoying temperatures around the mid-to-high 20s.

Temps To Hit 110 Degrees - Officials Warn "Stay Inside" As Holiday Heat Wave Hammers East Coast

3 July, 2018

Just in time for American consumers to be "held hostage" by high energy prices as the WTI front-month contract eclipses $75 for the first time in three-and-a-half years, meteorologists are forecasting a heat wave that could drive temperatures on the East Coast into the 100s as Americans prepare for the July 4 holiday.

In anticipation of the high temperatures, the National Weather Service issued a heat advisory affecting the northeast and mid-Atlantic from Virginia to Maine. "Heat advisories and some excessive heat warnings are in effect from central Virginia to eastern Maine. High temperatures in the 90s, combined with high dewpoints, are expected result in heat indices of 95 to 110 degrees for many areas."

(Courtesy of Fox News)

Furthermore, peak temperatures of 105-110 Wednesday afternoon could make even simple activities like walking outside dangerous.

The heat is so bad in some areas that, according to Fox Newsnearly 150 elderly people had to be evacuated from a long-term care facility in Mount Holly, NJfollowing a mechanical problem that shut down the facility's air conditioning and power.

Anybody planning to spend time outdoors, in parks or at the beach, should take precautions like staying hydrated and making sure there's enough water on hand to avoid heatstroke, according to ABC 7.

The New York State Office for the Aging issued a warning to senior citizens to "stay inside" during the heat wave, as hot weather can be particularly dangerous for the elderly.

The heatwave looks like it will break on Wednesday with an afternoon thunderstorm expected in a few areas. But high temperatures are expected to persist until the end of the week.

The Northeast US is sweltering under the worst heat wave of the year

Nearly 60 million people across the Northeastern US are under a heat watch, warning or advisory from the National Weather Service as the worst heat wave of 2018 scorches the most populated region of the country.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the continent

Snow falls on Interior mountain passes and ski hills at the start of July

No matter where you go in the province today, you won’t escape the cold.

Rain showers are expected to periodically hit several regions of B.C. until Wednesday and if you’re up in the mountains there’s snow.

It already fell on Big White in the Okangan and some mountain passes Monday morning, closing biking trails and putting motorists on high alert. Whistler Blackcomb also got hit with the white stuff, delying the opening of their summer season Peak Chair opening.

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