Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Lee Camp on solar radiation management

This is a year old. It seems that these plans are being actualised.

REVEALED: We Are Indeed Solar Geoengineering & It’s A Bad Idea

Since it would be WAY too much to ask corporate energy companies to adopt strategies that don't pollute our world, scientists have found a workaround:

Spraying particles into our atmosphere that would reflect the sun's radiation back into space.

It's a solar geoengineering experiment that scientists hope will solve the issues created by global warming. We have no idea whether the universal equivalent of shaking up a can of nonstick spray and coating our stratosphere is even safe or beneficial.

But we certainly know who WILL benefit: 

Oil companies that continue destroy our water, land and air to make huge profits.

Lee Camp has this and more on the latest Redacted Tonight.

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