Monday, 16 July 2018

Is this acceptable protest?

Watch: Trump Runs for Cover as Paraglider Buzzes Feet From Him in Scotland

14 July, 2018

Following a day in which hundreds of thousands took to the streets of London to let President Donald Trump he was “not welcome” in the United Kingdom, a paragliding protester from Greenpeace executed a dramatic paraglider flyby — carrying a banner that read “Trump: Well Below Par” — over Trump’s golf resort in Turnberry, Scotland just as the president was entering the hotel Friday evening.

Despite efforts to keep protesters away from the presidential party,” the Guardian reports, “the paraglider flew past police snipers and in front of the hotel, apparently in view of the president.”

Greenpeace said it had alerted police to the action just prior to it taking place in advance and Ben Stewart, a spokesperson for the group, said: “[UK Prime Minister] Theresa May should not have dignified Trump with a visit to the UK. The vast majority of British people are appalled by his words and deeds. He is, simply, the worst president ever. That’s why we flew over him with a message branding him well below par.”

And Greenpeace UK took credit for the action on social media:

We've hit @realDonaldTrump where it hurts - at his golf course. Trump does not believe in climate change. He's pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement, and is committed to burning more climate wrecking coal. We couldn't let him get away with a quiet game of golf...
Though the individual who flew the aircraft has not been identified, law enforcement are reportedly looking for a suspect.

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