Tuesday, 24 July 2018

George Galloway and Lee Strnahan on the chaos in Britain

Between them George Galloway and Lee Stranahan paint a picture of chaos in Britain.

Charlie Rowley, the third person to survive an attqack by a weapons-grade nerve agent is under some imprisonment from which he may not emerge.

Meanwhile parliament is being stood down while the Tories cannot get a majority to rule and a general election is being kept at bay until the Deep State works out a way to neutralise Jeremy Corbyn.

The result is a threat to democracy while the people have never been poorer or more unhappy at any stage of British history.

Amesbury Survivor Believes 'Burner' Given by UK Police is Tapped – Reports

23 Julyr, 2018

Charlie Rowley has been transported to a "safe location" following his release from the hospital after allegedly being poisoned by the A234 nerve agent; this comes despite UK Security Minister Ben Wallace earlier stating that the Amesbury incident was not a targeted attack.

Matthew Rowley, Charlie's brother, said in an interview with The Sun that during his conversation with Charlie the latter explained that he "can't really talk" as he hears weird "clicks" and believes his calls are being "listened to." Rowley is using a "burner" cell phone given to him by the UK police after he was transferred to a "safe location," where he's been staying since his release from the hospital.

Matthew also relayed his brother's words, saying he is bored being locked up in a room with "lot of medication" and that he merely wants to "go out for a bottle of wine." Matthew added that police have allowed him to watch movies on a DVD, but noted that he still sounded foggy, frustrated and suffers from memory loss.
On June 30, Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess were hospitalized after collapsing at their home in Amesbury, located several miles away from Salisbury where former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found in a similar condition in March. Sturgess later died in the hospital on July 8, whereas Rowley regained consciousness on July 10, and was released 10 days later.

The incident happened after Sturgess found a perfume bottle and sprayed its contents on her wrists, while Rowley allegedly broke the bottle and its contents spilled onto his hands. UK investigators found the bottle at their house and claim to have found traces of the Novichok class nerve agent, also known as A234, in it, which as they claim, was used in the Skripal poisoning.
Researchers have yet to determine whether the substance allegedly contained in the bottle was from the same batch that had purportedly been used against the Skripals. Earlier this month, the members of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons' (OPCW) had collected samples to run their own tests.

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