Saturday, 14 July 2018

Fraud by the Stephen Colbert Show


A few days ago I posted the following video that was posted on Facebook by the Stephen Colbert Show because I thought it was funny.

The German was a little beyond me and didn’t seem to match the subtitles provided by Colbert’s producer so I didn’t pay much attention.

Turns out the provided translation is a complete fraud.

This is not some right-winger working at a personal computer but a comedy show on a cable news channel that is broadcast all around the USA and the world and has the air of credibility.

It seem anything goes when laughing at Donald Trump

What was said in this video was FAKED by the Stephen Colbert Show

The Colbert Show said the following on this video:

After Trump accused Germany of being ‘captive to Russia,’ German news networks attempted to report the story with a straight face.”

This is from comments on Facebook

"This video is a hoax, folks. The Trump/Merkel graphic has been added by the Tonight Show's producers and the actual news item being read is about a certain Croatian custom of egg-scratching and how it's currently suffering from a lack of female egg-scratchers, double-entendre that as you will.

Looking to Colbert and his ilk for actual news is like expecting to score health food from a Seven-Eleven. Snacking on their stuff will make your brain as adipose as a beer belly. Same with Fox and all the MSM.

Wake up, people: we're being played. Well played, which is why the Cheshire cats selling us this content get such big bucks.”

It is easy to dsmiss Facebook comments as above, but it is hard to dismiss the following:

Jeannette Berger has kindly translated the video but was unable to post or comment on the thread.

Jeannette Berger writes: The original has nothing to do with either Merkel or Trump but it is about old customs in a region.

"The cultural heritage is threatened with extinction. Few ladies dominate the technique and if you're looking for really active scrubbing eggs (like scratching on the eggs), the choices are very small. "

The full segment (in German):

In Generationen werden in Stenaz die einzigartigen verzierte Eier hergestellt. Das Eierkratzen ist ein Teil der Indentit├Ąt der Kroatischen Gemeinde und ├╝berregional bekannt und begeht. Das Kulturgut ist vom aussterben bedroht. Wenige Damen beherrschen die Technik und wenn man wirklich aktive Eierkratzer (wie an den Eiern kraulen) sucht, ist die Auswahl sehr klein.”

And in English:

In generations the unique decorated eggs are produced in Stenaz. Egg scraping is a part of the indentity of the Croatian community and is known and committed over the region. The cultural heritage is threatened by extinction. Few ladies master the technique and if you are looking for really active egg scratches (as on the eggs crawl), the selection is very small.”

I wouldn’t be expecting an acknowledgement of their fraud from the Stephen Colbert Show. Meanwhile it will go eveywhere.

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