Monday, 2 July 2018

Democrats want to abolish ICE

I’m sure there will be more coming on this

LIVE: DEMOCRATS WANT TO ABOLISH ICE. OBAMA used U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement Without Protest

H.A Goodman

Abolish ICE’: The Roots of the Left’s New Immigration Rallying Cry  

Obama administration kicks off family deportation raids Obama's ICE reports record number of deportations of illegal immigrants  

GOHMERT: To your knowledge. Did you not know that Bruce Ohr was meeting with Christopher Steele, getting information about the dossier, and supplying that information to the FBI at the same time his wife, Nellie, was working for Fusion GPS, that was helping Hillary Clinton? Did you not know he was doing that for the FBI?

Wray states FBI referred Strzok to office of professional responsibility   

FBI agent Peter Strzok escorted from building amid internal review  

Office of the Inspector General U.S. Department of Justice  

NYMAG . COM 2016 ARTICLE: Report: Obama Administration Handed Child Migrants Over to Human Traffickers 

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