Friday, 13 July 2018

Arctic ice melt: A brief overview - 07/12/2018

Guy McPherson - Losing the White Stuff

This is the forecast for the polar region for the next 5 days as of today. I heard someone say the ole had lost 90,000 km2 f ice in one day

Arctic Methane and Abrupt Climate Change

Paul Beckwith

As Abrupt Climate Change continues it’s accelerating nonlinearity, feedbacks cascade into more feedbacks. A huge wildcard continues to be methane release from the Arctic as we approach and pass beyond a “blue Arctic” event with zero sea-ice. When there is no ice in the Arctic Ocean to keep temperatures near the freezing point, latent heat processes cease and temperatures of the sea and air skyrocket upward exposing huge methane risks. We really need to understand what will happen with an Arctic barren of sea-ice.

Thinning of Arctic ice in June and July, 2018 from Robin Westenra on Vimeo.

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