Thursday, 14 June 2018

You Tube removes Tommy Robinson video under "community guidelines"

News has come out that Tommy Robinson has been removed from Hull Prison to where he was safe to another prison in the Midlands which has many Muslim prisoners who have been reortedly shouting out threats to kill him throughout the night.

Logically this travesty of British “justice” should be treated in the same way as the Julian Assange or the Skripal case (or any number of other cases that the public are unaware of).

It matters little that he is no Julian Assange and is, in many ways, an inconvenient person. The British state is trying to close all this down but it is not hard to imagine what will happen IF Tommy Robinson is killed in prison.

It may well provide an excuse to the State to pull down the shutters and completely remove human rights in the “interests of national security”

It is increasingly my viewpoint that it is precisely people like Tommy Robinson whose right to free speech should be defended.

If we judge the merits of a case, whether people’s rights should be defended on whether we LIKE their ideology or not we are exactly where the Deep State wants us.

I am observing more and more that this is in fact the case.

Tommy Robinson “I won’t be around for much longer video” removed by You Tube

Tommy Robinson's "I won't be around much longer" video (recorded 2 months ago) detailing how & why social media and the UK govt will soon get rid of him has now been removed from @YouTube for "violating community guidelines".

I found another version of the same video on You Tube but it came with the following warning.

I have therefore downloaded the video and uploaded to Vimeo


  1. British subjegation to Islam will make a martyr out of Tommy and an Island in flames

    1. Just imagine what will happen if Tommy Robinson dies in prison! It may be the response the State WANTS to turn off the lights of human rights and what is left of democracy.