Thursday, 14 June 2018

Further material on the Tommy Robinson demonstration and pedophile groomng

UK Column on media coverage of Tommy Robinson demonstration

I have extracted a segment from yesterday’s UK Column which had some very apposite comments about distortion by the UK media and the real nature of the demonstration which overall was peaceful.

They also talk about material from an organisation called Political Blackout UK and revelations by ex—Uk policeman John Wedger on the covering up of sexual abuse and grooming.

Here were some comments from a retired policeman, discussed above
Here was a leaflet handed out at the demonstration relating to revelations by John Wedger.

The truth he reveals is that the UK government is trafficking children on a masive scale and this is being covered up by media and police and the whistleblowers are being targeted.

Watch the talk by police whistleblower, John Wedger

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