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Fact-checking George Galloway's stetements

In looking at one of the most divisive issues of the day I like to stick to the facts to the extent I can.

It is disapppointing to see my hero, George Galloway is not.

Muslims, sexual abuse of underage girls and George Galloway

In discussing events over the past few days - the sexual grooming trial in Leeds and the arrest of the controversial activist, Tommy Robinson I have tried to avoid resorting to labels and epithets because in discussing Jihadism and mass sexual abuse in Britain it does not help in the least to throw around labels like 'fascist', 'white supremacist', even 'far-right'.

That is playing dog whistle politics which both sides are capable of resorting to.

For that reason I was disappointed (if not surprised) to hear George Galloway, whom I admire for so many reasons describe Tommy Robinson as a 'jumped up little fascist' (elsewhere as a 'Hitler') 'whipping up hatred against brown people wth Muslim names'


George quite correctly points out to the double standards of Tommy Robinson and some of his allies. One of course, which seems to hold true is that he is a strong believer  in the zionist state of Israel.

Unfortunately, George is guilty of his own double standards.

The only fact that he brings to the table is that  "92 % of all sexual abuse against children committed by whites with English names" and that "93 % of poeple on sexual crime register are whites"

He points out that nowhere does Tommy or his friends mention the terrible abuse committed by the Catholic church.

I am not going to wade through everything Tommy Robinson has said to see if this is true but this from his greatest friend and supporter, Alex Jones might be an indicator:

As I like facts and statistics to reflect reality I decided to do my own bit of fact-checking.  What he said just didn't feel right.

Apart from the obvious point that from the normal liberal viewpoint to be consistent George's point about "whites" is just as racist as naming Muslims as sexual predators I have some other points.

George cites this statistic but does not indicate where it has come from. His 92 % figure does not seem to square with this official figure:

I think that George's point is that only a very small number of sexual abuse cases are commited by 'brown people with Muslim names'.

I don't know how many cases of mass child abuse cases there have been in Britain but here are just TWO.

The first example comes from the BBC (which is pretty 'official' given their tendency to underplay the whole problem.

Rotherham child abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited, report finds


The second comes from a recent report relating to the current case in Leeds by the tabloid 'Mirror'.

Authorities failed to act over 40 years - despite repeated warnings to social workers - with up to 1,000 girls, some as young as 11, abused in Telford

2,400 girls being abused in only two locations throughout the entire United KIngdom is no trifling matter.


If 8% of all sexual abuse cases are committed by non-whites and this figure is atl least 2,400 according to George Galloway what is the total figure? My brain is too addled to cope with the arithmetic, so I will have to take a more circuitous method. 


How many sexual offences against children are there in Britain?


According to this artice from Channel 4: 

"In 2012/13 there were 23,663 recorded sexual offences against children across the whole of the UK. Some 19,112 of those were recorded by police in England and Wales, including 6,296 rapes.

"Here’s how the list of crimes breaks down for England and Wales"



That does not even begin to square with George Galloway's figures.
How many Muslims are there in the UK and where are they?
The other point that I would make is that while the number of "brown-skinned people with Muslim names" may be relatively low if taken over the whole of the United Kingdom the situation would be different in some areas where there are a larger concentration of Muslims in the population.
 It would be more helpful to look at the statistics for the localities were they to be available, which I doubt. 
These statistics show that the percentage of Muslims in the general population has gone up from 0.11 % in 1961 to 5.4% (over 3 million) estimated in 2014.

Census YearNumber
of Muslims
Population of
England and Wales
(% of population)
per mosque
2014 (estimate)3,047,0005.4[citation needed]1,750 (2015)[43]1,741

"The settlements with large number of Muslims are Bradford, Luton, Blackburn, Birmingham, London and Dewsbury. There are also high numbers in High Wycombe, Slough, Leicester, Derby, Manchester, Leeds and the mill towns of Northern England. There are also relatively large concentrations in the Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh."

The top 20 local authorities in England and Wales with the highest percent of Muslims in 2011[44] were:

However, in talking of Luton, where Tommy Robinson hails from:

"Since the 2011 census, Luton has become one of three white British-minority towns in the United Kingdom. It was announced in a report based on the census figures that along with Leicester and Slough, Luton was one of three towns outside London where the indigenous population was now a minority, making up only 45% of Luton's population. However, the town still has a white majority when non-British whites such as the Irish and Eastern Europeans are included"


Whilst I have been forced to re-examine a lot of my assumptions, especially since the mass arrival of migrants in Europe since 2015 I try to stay away from racial stereostypes and to stick to the facts as I can ascertain them.

Just as I am disgusted by the zionism of many of the people talking about this and by their labelling of “leftists” and even “communists” I am equally disappointed (to put it mildly) by this distortion of the facts (and the making-up of bogus statistics by George Galloway.

I’m not that much for the court of public opinion but the fact that,as of now, there are 209 dislikes against 154 ‘likes’, seems to show that a majority of people have picked this up.

I would like to have seen George put aside his distaste for Tommy Robinson and admit that what has happened is a gross violation of legal process and democratic principles.  By delivering this diatribe George Galloway seems to be confirming the opinion of the Right that liberals, Leftists and Communists have no more than a skin-deep interest in democracy and the porcess of law.

It all goes to show just how febrile the atmosphere is and as they say “the first casualty of war is the truth”.

I hope that by being a world away and not directly embroiled in the events I can bring a little clarity.

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