Friday, 15 June 2018

Did Trump end a missile to Pyongyang during his flight to Singapore?

What WAS that object caught in a photo at Skunk Bay, Washington?

On his website yesterday Hal Turner has made claims, based on his purported security sources that Trump, already on his way to his meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore when he got a message from Kim that he had cancelled the summit and there would be no denuclearisation

If nothing it is a good yarn.  One difficulty I can think of that is that if this happened 10 hours into Trump's flight then once his mind was made up Kim still had to get to Singapore on his Air China flight.

I can only think of three possibilities of how to interpret Hal Turner and his story:

  1. Hal Turner is a complete charlatan, that this is nothing but a story concocted around  the photos captured by the weather man and it is 'click-bit'
  2. The story is true and Hal Turner has access to some ace intelligence from his ex-colleagues
  3. He has access to the intelligence but it is either a psyops or as fake as say the Dodgy Dossier that started the invasion of Iraq.
I guess we will never know but those photos carried in a Fox News story show something that looks a lot like a missile.

We live in extraordinary times and I personally don't find the fairy tales and conspiracy theories at all credible and who could ever thought that something as bizarre as, say the poisoning of the Skripals could ever have happened.

Listen to the story that I have divided into 3 sections to avoid the commercial breaks here:

Claims that Trump made Kim an offer he couldn’t refuse

Part one

Part two

Part three

If this story is wrong then what this is about?

Is this a HELICOPTER as claimed?

Missile launch? Lens flare? Mysterious object spotted over Whidbey Island raises questions

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  1. Maybe I shouldn't give credence to stuff? But here goes ) On one of the Q things I listen to and the Q posts I see, supposedly (??? god knows??) 1 or 2 missiles were fired at AF1 as Trump left Singapore ... and get this ... from one of the three nuclear powered and armed submarines the 'dark state' own ... go figure?
    Sorry not much on TV these days, and watched enough climate change stuff