Friday, 15 June 2018

An update on political prisoner stories in the UK

An update from UK Column on the Tommy Robinson and Melanie Shaw case

Brian Gerrish and Robinson of UK Column have been talking about the abuse of children and the involvement of the authorities in the cover-up for a long time, They do this on its own terms without making it into a ‘Muslim problem’

There is a sense of balance and a respect for the facts.

I have no doubt they are correct in their assessment of the claim that Tommy Robinson was transferred to a ‘70% Muslim prison’ and that the claims can be put down to the emotions in the country right now.

The one thing I am disappointed by is the failure to see this is as a gross abuse of human rights and the danger for UK democracy – all the more so that they have been covering these issues (such as the incarceration of child sexual abuse victim, Melanie Shaw).

In most respects I cannot fault their contribution to bringing this to public attention.

Here are some of the screeenshots from the above presentation

And some information on the Melanie Shaw case from UK Column.

Melanie Shaw, Trojan Horse To End Abuse In The Child Care Complex

An interview with Melanie Shaw who is now in prison

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