Sunday, 6 May 2018

Tony Gosling on geopolitics

UK's new plan to 'topple Putin' - Israel & US spawned by UK, three thorns in the side of humanity

Public Enquiry

Second hour: Investigative reports: Elections in Lebanon – have to keep all factions happy – outside actors. Erdogan – snap election – power grab? – US led coup backfiring – Turkey swing state – NATO – Erdogan buying Russian missiles. Britain going to build anti-Russia alliance – Military Industrial Complex needs an enemy – John Stockwell book ‘In Search of Enemies’ – Putin defends Russia’s interests. Theresa May says Skripal case definitely Russian state sponsored – or false flag event? – psychological warfare – geopolitics of situation – media changing opinions. ‘The Media on Trial’ events around country – event cancelled by Leeds City Council – speakers are Venessa Beeley, Patrick Henningson – 20th Century Wire, Peter Ford – Pro Assad British Syrian Society, Craig Murray – – Facebook and Twitter ‘shadow banning’ from social media. Michael Tyler – Google war algorithm. Diamonds in the Cesspool – news websites that are good – How US news channels always report the same news, without checking facts – then complain of social media always reporting the same ‘fake’ news, without checking facts. Oligarchy vs democracy – are leaders picked? Democracies in UK, US, and Israel compared. US Special Operations troops in Yemen – also mass drone murder by West in Yemen and explosion in Afghanistan story – Weapons and medical supplies from Israeli intelligence to rebels in Syria? MoD accidentally reveals British drones firing thermobaric missiles in Syria. 1994 speech by Anton Chatkin about the Freemasons and the British empire.

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