Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The latest developments in the Middle East

I have been concerned for the last week at the complete silence of the Russian media and those close to it such as the Duran about last week’s attacks in Syria that killed Iranians – it was not even reported. WHY?
Here are some comments I posted on Facebook on this subject:
I’m afraid that faith in Putin and Lavrov’s abilities and assumptions that “they know best” does not cut the mustard and does not serve as a replacement for analysis. I am certainly not going to join Suchan and the anti-Putin chorus but in my mind there is reason to be worried.
One small historical parallel. During the 30’s FM Litvinov spearheaded a move for an alliance against Hitler. When they saw that the West was not going to come to the party and they were not ready to go to war Stalin changed FM and Molotov signed the nazi-Soviet Pact to buy time.
Unfortunately when June, 1941 came and Germany invaded Stalin went into denial and depression for several crucial days. He refused to accept intell that told him the nazis were ready to invade.
There is no doubt that Stalin was every bit the strategist that Putin is and yet see....
It’s not something to criticise in my mind but represents the conundrum of a Russia that has been brilliant at putting liited resources to good effect but is not in a position to fight a war in Syria and another on its own borders if the imperialists open a second front in Ukraine or the Baltics.
It is a predicament for the nation that is only recovering from the disasters of the 1990’s and is no longer the super Power that can take on the Empire in a direct confrontation.
Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
Where have I heard that before?
Trying to make sense of events in the Middle East

Breaking: Russian chopper crashes in eastern Syria

7 May, 2018
A Russian Ka-52 attack chopper crashed Monday during a flight over eastern Syria as a result of a presumed technical malfunction, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Both pilots aboard the aircraft died as a result of the incident
When carrying out a planned flight over the eastern regions of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Russian Ka-52 helicopter crashed. Both pilots were killed,” the ministry revealed in a statement.
The cause of the incident could be a technical malfunction,” the ministry added. The bodies of the pilots were found by search and rescue crews and taken to their operating base.
The Ka-52 Alligator is an armed helicopter designed to conduct anti-ground missions and reconnaissance flights.
Source: Sputnik
In the absence of information from other sources watching the twitter feed is perhaps the best way of getting a clue as to what is going on in the midst of rapidly-moving and worrying events.
As far as I can see ELINT News' concern is mainly Syria and Lebanon and the sympathy with Hezbollah, Assad etc.

: Trump in my opinion (and with the backing now of similar opinions from US and European officials and diplomats) will withdraw from the JCPOA (Iran Nuclear Deal) tomorrow and tensions I believe may go sky high, if not worse (especially with Israel)
9:23 AM - 8 May 2018

I don't know if the official results are out on Lebanon's elections are out. It seems to me, that Hariri (who is close to the Saudis and recently kidnapped by them) is the main loser and Hezbollah and their allies the winners.
leader declares elections 'great political victory' for resistance axis

As a result of the elections there have been clashes in Lebanon.
: Lebanese Army now patrolling streets of Beirut according to Turkish media

Holy Shit...... Not Landing at too.... Again gaining Altitude & Heading back to Airspace.....

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