Thursday, 17 May 2018

The growing incoherence of the pro-Trump crowd

Making sense of the alt.right’s confused version of events

I have been trying to put an essay together for several days, unsuccessfully. Unfortunately the periods of time where I feel well enough and lucid enough to do this are getting less and less although hopefully these words might be evidence that I am not suffering from the early stages of dementia!

Recent events have persuaded me that there is a lot of rationalisation around recent events. I have written about my concerns about the Israeli attacks on Syria and in particular the Russian response (or rather, non-response). I’m sure there will be more to say about this.

However, I am seeing rationalisation like you wouldn’t believe from what might be described as the alt-right – the army of Trump supporters, as he moves farther and farther (and yet farther) from what he promised before the election.

It’s getting so ridiculous that you are even getting “plans within plans” (I have stopped watching X22 – there is good information but the commentary is beyond-crazy.

What I am seeing goes something like this:
  • Trump is very, very good
  • But he is surrounded by enemies from the Deep State
  • Putin and Russia are good
  • Syria and Bashar Assad are good (on some days; on other, not)
  • Russia and Syria’s allies, Iran and Hezbollah are evil and part of the Axis of Evil
  • North Korea is evil and we should drop nukes on them
  • Israel is bad when it attacks Syria but good when it massacres Palestinians.
And so it goes on.....

If you can find any coherence in that good luck to you!

Some days I think I should give up because these days in what we may call the “fog of war” nobody is fully reliable, especially when it comes to geopolitics.

However, fortunately, on other days, I realise that if we are interested in getting some idea of the truth we need to look at a wide range of sources, including voices we don't like.

I can’t possibly agree with all of them.

For instance, I post items from the Israeli media, not because I agree with any of the lies but because they are worth looking at and there is often more to glean about the voice of the enemy than from the western media.

So it is with the alt.right.

I have long lost interest in the whole American coup/counter-coup and Qanon who is definitely a fake of sorts. It is quite amusing to see Dr. Corsi (the same Corsi that sold us lies that Julian Assange had been rescued by US secret service and was safe in Switzerland) disown Qanon as a fake, probably because he was personally slighted by the entity, whoever he is. 

And then we have Lionel putting up long, waffling pieces on how he cannot get through his day without him/her (my guess is it’s a ‘he’).

I have chosen to post items from the infamous Hal Turner who, unlike Alex Jones, is not bat-shit crazy and has the ability to put forward a case. Many of his revelations are based on a reading of the Twitter feeds but also on titbits fed to him by representatives of the ‘intelligence community’.

I have begun to wonder who it is that is feeding Turner this information and it seems to me that that can differ from day-to-day. Certainly the ‘intell’ (if that is what it is, and he is not just spinning a yarn) that told him Israel was attacking Syria (leading him to play an anti-semitic song on his show) is very different from what is has been coming out in the last few days and what is likely to come out on his radio show today.

It seems that his latest ‘intell’ is coming from people close to the neo-cons and John Bolton, whereas earlier it couldn’t possibly be.

We all know it was ‘intell’ that provided a pretext for the invasion of Syria, just as now we have false flags and Bibi Netanyahu’s ‘brilliant’ intelligence on Iran. Not one bit of it is true.

My suspicion is that Turner is being used to get a certain message out by the neo-cons. Turner is good with words and very persuasive but as an analyst, forget it

I am going to continue to monitor Hal Turner on the grounds that he provides a small part of the puzzle and provides an indication of jsut how bad things are getting.

There are unprecedented lies and there is unprecedented confusion and fog of war. But, all the information taken together, it is looking very bad.

Worse every day, in fact.

P.S. if you want a cross-section of what Turner has been saying:

This is from last week:

Israel's Dirty Syrian Air Strike Secret Revealed

In recent days he has been channelling John Bolton....

BOOM! Europe Switching to EURO for Iran Oil Payments; DITCHING U.S. DOLLAR

With friends like these, (the EU) who needs enemies? This is a knife in the back for the United States and Europe knows it. Perhaps reimposing Steel Tariffs upon the EU when June 1 rolls around, might be wise. Perhaps notifying NATO that the US is drawing-down our participation and troop commitments is needed as well.

We in the US have spent blood and treasure in Europe for 70+ years. Europe still exists as free states thanks to us. Yet _this_ is how they repay us? I'd say it's time to lay the groundwork for other "Exits" from the EU, similar to BRexit. It's time for centralized leadership in Brussels to be dumped in the ash bin of history

45+ DEAD, ~2,000 Injured As "Palestinians" Protest US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem
...President Donald Trump seems to have grasped this obvious fact and, last December, he ordered the US Embassy in Israel be moved to Jerusalem. Ballsy move given the situation over there, but FINALLY a recognition of the reality. Israel DOES exist. Its Capital IS Jerusalem. Negotiating with the folks in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and some elsewhere in the region about Palestinian issues, is a giant slow-walk-in-a-circle. No matter how long we walk together with the Palestinians, no matter what negotiations are made, we always end up in the exact same place we started; they will not accept Israel's right to exist. They will not accept Jerusalem as Israel's Capital. The whole endeavor of negotiation has proven itself to be utterly useless. FOR DECADES!

45+ DEAD, ~2,000 Injured As "Palestinians" Protest US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem

Trump was right to put a stop to that nonsense.

Unless and until the "Palestinians" exercise self control, stop launching rockets into Israel from the West bank and Gaza, stop blowing themselves up in "Jihad" and start acknowledging reality, this problem will never be peacefully resolved. Until such time, as much as it stuns __me__ to say this, Israel is just going to have to do what it has to do.

If the "Palestinians" want to be treated better, they have to stop acting like Barbarians.

This is the latest revelation from Hal Turner. I am sure John Bolton is pretty pissed off with Turkey and would love to drop a few bombs.

COVERT INTEL: Pentagon Tasked With Drawing-up Strike Plans against . . . . TURKEY

In an absolutely STUNNING series of developments today, President Recypt Erdogan of Turkey stated bluntly "Turkey will not allow Israel to steal Jerusalem from Palestinians." Shortly thereafter, Erdogan tasked his military to begin drawing-up certain "plans" for Israel!

MORE SHOCKING, my sources in the US told me directly the White House has tasked the Pentagon to "have contingency plans for Turkey." Such a statement, made in the context of the Pentagon means "Plan for the use of force."

View image on Twitter

BREAKING Erdogan says Turkey will not allow Israel to steal Jerusalem from Palestinians 
The thinking in most US defense sectors is that Turkey is:
  • No longer a reliable or trusted partner in NATO;
  • "Off the reservation" with their political and military behavior, and;
  • Rapidly turning from and ally to an adversary.   
Planners in the Pentagon were described as "stupefied" when the order came down because Turkey has the second largest Army in NATO and the notion that the US may have to deal with them via military force is not something that was on anyone's radar.  
There is MUCH MORE detailed information that I have, but the unique nature of the sources providing it requires I wait at least 24 hours before updating this article with further details.   If I were to update now, the nature of the information is such that sources would be immediately compromised.
I protect my sources.

And finally here is Alex Jones' Info Wars...

I’ve said my bit. Now I can go and rest.

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