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Massacre in Gaza - IDF slaughters Palestininans

Terrible massacre’: Israel kills 58, injures 2,771 Gaza protesters as US embassy opens in Jerusalem

‘Terrible massacre’: Israel kills 58, injures 2,771 Gaza protesters as US embassy opens in Jerusalem

15 May, 2018

Fifty-five Palestinian protesters, including six children under 18, have been killed by Israeli fire during demonstrations on the day of the US embassy's inauguration in Jerusalem, the Palestinian health ministry said Monday.

More than 2,700 protesters have been injured in Gaza on what has been the most violent day of the six week long Great March of Return. Those wounded on Monday include 203 children and 78 women, according to the ministry.

The Palestinian government denounced Monday’s violence as a “terrible massacre” perpetrated “by the forces of the Israeli occupation”, and called for an immediate international intervention to prevent further deaths. A day of national mourning has been declared by the government in Ramallah, to be held Tuesday.

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Around 35,000 protesters gathered at the border fence and thousands more within half a mile of the vicinity, according to Israeli Defence Forces.

Clashes have also reportedly broken out between protesters and the Israeli Defense Forces in Bethlehem.

The first of Monday's deaths was 21-year-old Anas Hamdan Qudeih, killed east of Khan Yunis, a spokesperson for the ministry said. A 29-year-old man, Mosaab Yousef Ibrahim Abu Laila, was later killed east of Jabalya. Some of the dead have yet to be identified. Six children under the age of 18, including one girl, are among the fatalities.

Amnesty International has called the Israeli violence in Gaza “an abhorrent violation of international law & human rights.”

We are witnessing an abhorrent violation of international law & human rights in . 38 confirmed dead, including 6 children, with close to 2000 people injured. Many are reporting injuries to the head and chest. Over 500 injured with live ammunition. This must end immediately.

Around half of all injuries were caused by live bullets while hundreds more were targeted with teargas, according to the ministry. The Palestinian Health Ministry claims that Israeli forces are directly targeting emergency services and journalists and are calling on citizens to urgently donate blood to help save the lives of those wounded.

Six journalists have reportedly been injured while covering Monday’s demonstrations, according to the Journalist Support Committee.

Meanwhile, the IDF said Israeli Air Force planes targeted Hamas posts near Jabalya after its soldiers came under fire in the area.

A short while ago, 3 terrorists attempted to place an explosive device near the security fence in Rafah, under the cover of violent riots. In response, the IDF fired at the terrorists, who were killed pic.twitter.com/LFRRyfHDzl
In addition, IAF aircraft targeted Hamas military posts near the Jabalia area after IDF troops were fired upon from the northern Gaza Strip. No IDF soldiers were injured in the incident pic.twitter.com/EWHOAOzZcA

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The latest deaths bring the number killed since the Great March of Return protests began six weeks ago to 103.

Dr. Mkhaimer Abuseda, professor of political sciences at Alazhar University in Gaza, told RT that the relocation of the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem is “a very sad day for the Palestinians, reminding them of their first Nakba some 70 years ago.”

It seems to me that the Palestinians have decided that the US is no longer an honest broker in the MidEast peace process between the Palestinians and Israelis,” he said, adding that it will likely lead to further Palestinian rage and resistance.

Scuffles have reportedly broken out outside the new US embassy in Jerusalem as the inauguration ceremony took place inside.

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag has condemned Monday’s violence, claiming the US, as well as Israel, is responsible for the “massacre” because of their “unjust decision” to move the embassy.

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Tuesday marks the commemoration of Nakba Day, a term which Palestinians use to describe their forced mass exodus from their homes during the establishment of the State of Israel. It is celebrated among Israelis as Independence Day. Thousands of people have gathered near the border to take part in Monday's protests.

Huge demonstrations are expected to mark the May 15 event, which brings to a close the six-week Great March of Returndemonstrations.

The IDF dropped leaflets warning people in Gaza to stay away from the security fence ahead of Monday’s protests. Demonstrators in North Gaza brought down an IDF drone that was allegedly dropping fire bombs on tents, according to the Great Return March movement

A few minutes ago, IDF jets once again distributed leaflets warning against approaching the security fence, attempting to sabotage it or to carry out terror attacks pic.twitter.com/dJcBcUYiiz

US opens Jerusalem embassy on 'great day for peace' as dozens of Palestinians shot dead

The US has opened its embassy in Jerusalem following the highly-divisive decision by President Donald Trump last December. Pledges of peace during the ceremony came as dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israelis in protests.
Read more
Protests against the US embassy move to Jerusalem and ahead of the 70th anniversary of Nakba at the Israel-Gaza border on May 14, 2018. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem‘Terrible massacre’: Israel kills 58, injures 2,771 Gaza protesters as US embassy opens in Jerusalem
"President Trump, by recognizing history, you have made history!” said a beaming Benjamin Netanyahu during a passionate speech punctuated by frequent ovations, referring to the decision by “Israel’s greatest ally” to relocate the embassy from Tel Aviv.

The Israeli Prime Minister said that Monday, which also marked 70 years since Israel’s foundation, was a “great day for peace,” adding that there can be no resolution to the Middle East conflict without accepting the “truth” of Jerusalem’s status as the capital.

Prior to that US President Donald Trump was also not short of words to praise the event.

It’s been a long time coming… For many years we have failed to acknowledge the obvious,” said Trump in a recorded message, noting that Jerusalem has been Israel’s historic capital since ancient times, and presently houses its key institutions.

The US delegation was represented by Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner and US ambassador to Israel David Friedman who said that the US merely “extended to Israel the right we extend to any other nation - the right to designate its capital city.”

While the controversy of the decision, which has been criticized by Palestinians and Western nations alike, went unmentioned by those other than Kushner, those inside could have heard the crowd of protesters that gathered next to the embassy, separated from the VIPs by an imposing police cordon.

But while protests remained peaceful inside the Jewish-controlled parts of the city, predictions that the move, which Palestinians consider a violation of the peace process, would spark a wave of unrest were vindicated.

The IDF said that over 35,000 Palestinians protesters staged demonstrations in 12 different locations, with clashes recorded mostly in Gaza, where demonstrators besieged a key checkpoint used to regulate the passage of goods into the region.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health says that Israel used disproportionate force to put down the riots. It has released the names of 55 Palestinians, who it says were gunned down by Israeli soldiers. Additionally, more than 2,700 people have been wounded.

This would represent the deadliest day for Palestinians since the war against Gaza in 2014. Israel has not released its own casualty estimates, but says it is trying to minimize casualties, but will not allow any incursions into its territory by protesters.

Palestinian officials and activists on the ground accused Israeli soldiers of firing on unarmed protesters, and other disproportionate uses of force.

The Trump administration knew that protests against the relocation of the embassy were likely to occur, but was "totally unconcerned about the loss of life on the part of Palestinians,” international law professor Dr. John Dugard told RT.

By moving its embassy to Jerusalem, Washington has opted to be part of the problem in the Middle East rather than working towards a solution, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier. According to the politician, the US has thus lost its mediating role in the peace process.

Turkey recalls ambassadors from US, Israel after over 50 Palestinians killed in Gaza

Ankara has recalled its ambassadors from both Washington and Tel Aviv “for consultations,” the Turkish government has confirmed.

The Turkish government also declared three days of mourning on Monday for over 50 Palestinians killed on the Israel-Gaza border.

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