Friday, 4 May 2018

Media conference BANNED on World Press Freedom Day

I shall be posting more on this, no doubt as well as on censorship and the shutter that is closing on freedom of expression
Media on Trial conference banned on World Press Freedom Day

From Vanessa Beeley and Mike Robinson of 21st Century Wire

Neocon campaign to shut down debate on #Syriahas pressured Leeds City Council to ban Media on Trial event at Leeds City Museum. Media were informed ahead of organisers and we were not give a right to reply. All this on World Press Freedom Day........

Welcome to "Democracy".

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  1. Sometimes freedom of the press gets attacked from within. Soft censorship by media outlets is a serious problem that does not get enough attention. Agents of the state, corporate entities and special interests can make it difficult for journalists to report the facts unimpeded, the press is not without blame. Consider the case of Bela Kosoian, the woman who was handcuffed and fined for not holding an escalator handrail and obstructing police in the performance of their duties. The incident was all over the news in 2009. Journalists at the time sided with the police, saying they were merely enforcing an STM by-law. Had they done their due diligence instead of acting like cheerleaders for the police, they would have discovered there is no regulation requiring commuters to hold the handrail. Ms. Kosoian contested her tickets in municipal court and won. News of her victory was never reported to the masses, whom to this very day live in ignorance of the injustice that was done to her — and by extension to themselves. She is now having to go the route of social media because the press has utterly and inexcusably failed her. She has a blog (, which will give you cause to question the integrity of our so-called free press.