Saturday, 19 May 2018

Shining the light on the racist Jewish state of Israel

Israel does NOT have the right to exist”

By this SyrianGirl does not call for genocide but is calling for a one-state solution where Jews, Muslims and Christians live together in one secular state. She is calling for the destruction of the racist “Jewish state”, NOT the destruction of a state with Jews.

Hold your nose and listen to InfoWars' Owen Shroyer to hear sense from SyrianGirl.

These videos are not from the latest massacre but from earlier in the year and illustrate what Palestinians protesting against their prison have to put up with.

This is the face of fascism in the Jewish state

Israeli soldiers assault Palestinian paramedics as they tend to the injured

21 March, 2018

Israeli soldiers assault Palestinian paramedics as they tend to the unarmed protesters who had been shot in the occupied West Bank town of Al-Bireh on 12 March 2018.

Israeli soldiers cheer after shooting a Palestinian protester in the village of Madama

24 April, 2018

At around 2:00 P.M. on Friday afternoon, 13 April 2018, some thirty residents of the Palestinian village of Madama tried to remove a roadblock the Israeli military had placed at the eastern entrance to the village. About eleven soldiers then arrived on the scene. In the clashes that ensued, residents threw stones at the soldiers from a distance of 50-80 meters, and the soldiers fired stun grenades and rubber-coated metal bullets at the villagers. Seven residents sustained injuries from the rubber-coated metal bullets the soldiers fired: two were taken to a hospital in Nablus for medical treatment, and the other five were treated on the spot. Joyfully cheering about shooting a person trying to clear the access road to his home and calmly discussing other ways to hit him and the other people with him are part of the discordant soundtrack accompanying 51 years of occupation.

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