Thursday, 3 May 2018

Israeli war planes entered Lebanese air space at low altitude

Israeli planes had their transponders turned off and then bombed Syrian/Iranian targets with US-made bombs.

Israel's Dirty Syrian Air Strike Secret Revealed

Even though Russian and Syrian forces were on high alert for potential Israeli air strikes, Israel was able to fly in and carry out a massive operation without being fired upon a single time. How did they do it?


: Israeli warplanes just entered Lebanese Airspace and passed over Beirut City at low altitude, unknown heading - Via

2 May,2018

UNCONFIRMED.  UNCONFIRMED. --  Sources in Beirut, Lebanon are reporting the sounds of fighter jets over that city.  Lebanon does not have an air force; the only war planes ever heard over that country are from Israel. 

If Israeli planes are over Lebanon again, that means new attacks against Iranian targets inside Syria . . . . attacks which Iran has pledged to meet with force.
I am endeavoring to get more intel; updates to follow.  I will be discussing this on my radio show tonight from 9-11 Eastern US Time (GMT-0400) on WBCQ which is also LIVE simulcast right here on  Tune-in FREE by clicking the LISTEN LIVE button in the menu bar above the news section.


Reports now of airborne Tanker Support for those Israeli planes.  Not able to determine (as yet) WHERE such tanker(s) are.  Knowing WHERE tankers are gives indication of where the jets are going . . .

 UPDATE 6:39 PM EDT --

Several sources confirm hearing or seeing Israeli jets over Beirut.  NO ONE is reporting any attack anywhere.  Planes are now said to have been in the air for a couple hours.  I think if anything was going to take place, it would have already.   The Israelis may be probing Syrian air defenses now that Russia has enabled certain new technology.  Also, tonight on my radio show, I will BREAK NEWS about something the Israelis did when they attacked Iranian sites in Syria last week.  Disastrous news.

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