Monday, 5 March 2018

Why does the data whiteout the main hotspot for methane emissions?

Atmospheric methane levels at 3087 ppb

As if this didn’t demonstrate just how bad things are they have whited out the methane hotspot in Eastern Siberia.

3087 PPB! BUT, AT LEAST, THEY WHITED OUT THE EASTERN SIBERIAN HOT SPOT! That way it does not look so bad.

So, will Trump order that this satellite data distribution be stopped so the public does not panic?

---H/T Joe Neubarth

The historic record

I don’t work so well with graphs and data sets so to hear that methane levels have reached this level does not mean so much because I can’t really remember what the levels were before.

That is why the following graph speaks volumes to me!

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  1. The white parts are, I believe, areas which were not overflown due to the satellites' orbits.