Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What happens when you suggest men and women are biologically different

"Leftist" students walkout when speaker says Men and Women biologically different

Event - James Damore at Portland State University. 

When biologist Heather Heying says women and men are biologically different, upset SJWs walkout, damage the speaker. 

And call the panel Nazi, because they are speaking what the left doesn't want to hear. 

Their poignant quotes:

1.They are brainwashed - Because they think women and men are biologically different. How anti-feminist is Biology. 

2.You should NOT LISTEN to FASCISM - We defeat fascism by disrupting people who don't buy our ideology. 

3.NAZIS are NOT WELCOME in CIVIL society - We dream of a civil society where we can stop speakers who don't agree with us.

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