Thursday, 8 March 2018

Trump administration to sue California over ‘sanctuary cities’ laws

I make no apology for posting this from Hal Turner, my preferred source for the Voice of the Right (rather than InfoWars).

It does not imply agreement but is posted as further evidence of the divide in America.

If you want the other side you can turn on your own televisions.

is it a case of Wrong vs More Wrong?

AG Sessions Reminds California of Civil War, Gov. Brown: "This is war against California"

7 March, 2018

Attorney General Jeff Sessions flew to California to announce the federal government was suing that state over laws it enacted with the specific intent to thwart federal immigration enforcement.

Speaking before a gathering of media, Sessions outlined three laws enacted by the California legislature which he called "unconstitutional" and slammed the Mayor of Oakland, CA for alerting illegal aliens that an Immigration raid was coming within 24 hours.

Sessions reminded California that the first Civil War began because states thought they did not have to obey federal law. California Governor Jerry Brown, at his own press conference, claimed the federal lawsuit was "war against California."

The right to regulate immigration has been and always will be within the exclusive power of the federal government.

The 10th amendment allows states powers which have not been assigned to the federal government. California cannot flout the US Constitution - which is exactly what it is doing.

This is a fight that California will not win. But the Democrats want to go out looking like they are fighting hard.

They know they are playing a losing game but it is all about appearances and votes.

Attorney General Sessions (at about 13:00 in the video below) told the audience "There is no nullification. There is no secession. And I would invite anyone who disagrees to go visit Gettysburg or the tombs of John C. Calhoun and Abraham Lincoln. This matter has been settled." A not-so-subtle reference to the Civil War and to California's current attitude on immigration enforcement and secession.

Trump administration to sue California over ‘sanctuary cities’ laws

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