Thursday, 8 March 2018

The rounding-up of the Cabal on the 12th March?


This was sent to by a friend and this was in turn sent to her by her next door neighbour, here in Lower Hutt.

It appears to be from an evangelical who is reading out a statement that is somehow related to Qanon.

I have ceased to follow Qanon, not because I think it is ‘right-wing bullshit” but partially because there is some evidence that the present “Q’ is not the same ‘Q’ who was posting late last year, partially because it is a rabbit-hole that if you go down you are likely never to come out from.

I have aways stood on the left of politics and been the biggest defender of social justice and human rights and in normal circumstances would reject this as crazy right-wing talk.

But we do NOT live in normal times.

Quite apart from the fact that our Living Planet is being destroyed in front of our very eyes and we are being lied to about this on a daily basis we are now observing the United States as an Empire but also as a democratic republic going down.

In a world where the entire Establishment was ready to anoint their candidate Hillary Clinton after she transparently stole the election from the one credible candidate and when it failed it to go the way they so haughtily expected then blamed the result on Putin on Russia it is hard to know who to believe.

But I know who NOT TO BELIEVE.

If the Alex Joneses, the Breitbarts’ visions of this world are so crazy as to be unbelieve-able the other side – then everything the intelligence agencies, the political Elite and media says is a Big Lie.

I do not really believe that mass arrests are going to start on the 12th of this month leading to mass trials of people who, indeed, have tried to subvert the constitution of the United States and richly deserve every bit of comeuppance which may be coming their way if this video Is to be believed.

However, this bit of information leads me to perhaps not dismiss things out of hand.

New Exec Order Allows Mass Arrests Of Deep State

Whether or not any of this is true in whole or even in part it does confirm my view-from-afar that the United States is on the verge of something like a civil war even if, up till now, no bullets are being fired, apart from the various false flags that have taken place.

It all reminds me of things that have occurred in the history of totalitarian regimes – such as the murder of Sergei Kirov leading directly to the Great Terror in Soviet Russia or similar acts, such as the Night of the Long Knives or the torching of the Reichstag in Nazi Germany. There must have been a lot of contradictory information and rumours back then – as well as what we now call ‘fake news’

What is unique compared to back then is we have an accidental president, Trump elected by popular vote and an ongoing coup attempt by all the political insiders – the Deep State. The rumour-making and the contradictory and often unbelievable information comes as a result of the fact that nothing, not one single word, the corporate media says on the matter is to be believed.

The rhetoric of the Right about ‘making America great again’, ‘restoring the Republic again’ with Patriots and pumpkin pie I take with almost as much of a grain of salt as what is being thrown at us by the official media.

Note, I say 'almost'.

There is a sense of terribly inevitable about all this and I see Donald J. Trump in this, certainly not as a hero, but more like Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction.

If it could be believed for one minute that Trump is going to be impeached the result would, I am sure be immediate and violent.

If, on the other hand, if it tums out that a whole lot of corrupt globalists who have through their actions sought to destroy the remaining fabric of the Republic are rounded up and put before military tribunals the response would be similarly violent.

I cannot see the present interregnum and lack of clarity lasting long – and I don’t see any mid-term elections bringing any clarity. If you continue to believe that an election will be anything other than a total fiction, I may be able to find a bridge to sell you.

In the meantime all I can say is ‘pass the popcorn’, prepare for hard times and keep out of the way.

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