Thursday, 15 March 2018

Revisiting the death of David Kelly

In view of the last few days’ events it is time to reopen the David Kelly story. Think the British state can’t knock off inconvenient people?

WATCH: The death of David Kelly: an open verdict

14 March, 2018

If David Kelly had died on March 4 this year, and had he been a Russian exile, we can be sure the media would be screaming that Putin murdered him, and the numerous inconsistencies in his alleged “suicide” would be front page news. But when Kelly actually died in 2005, the only country potentially implicated in his death was Britain. And so the UK media were silent .
Theresa May has, on the basis of no published evidence whatsoever, and without any adherence to the bare minimum of due process, declared Russia “culpable” for the alleged Skripal poisoning. The message in the media is that any other potential perpetrator is not even to be considered, even though the alleged toxin used – Novichok – would have been obtainable by other state actors and individuals, and even though other states would appear to have far more motive in creating this international incident at this time. Russian “guilt” is being established a priori by the implicit suggestion that only Russia indulges in political murder.

The Kelly case reminds us that it isn’t only Russians who die mysteriously on British soil. Here is a film by PressTV (banned from the UK as RT may well soon be) looking at some of the anomalies

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