Monday, 19 March 2018

Reports: The Military forces from 10 countries "circling" the Mediterranean

Everything's hanging on a thread: Military forces from 10 countries "circling" the Mediterranean

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18 March, 2018

Darn dangerous situation – Control everything the American fleet – Sent to aid the Russians – Harden the geostrategic game

In full swing is the "cold war" in the southeast mediterranean and the Republic of Cyprus and no one can predict the future if you escalate the intensity of the last few weeks.

The game of chess that is played is tough and the players that come in on the chessboard of the south-eastern Mediterranean more and more.

In the last few days, a total of ten military forces are in the area, reminding us of situations past decades, with a dramatic ending.

See also: Russian πυραυλοφόρα ships, submarines, and strategic bombers are taking battle positions on Syria

America, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Britain, France, Italy and of course Greece and Cyprus have developed military forces in the eastern Mediterranean, the atmosphere smells gunpowder and all hanging on a thread.

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