Saturday, 10 March 2018

Remembering disappeared You Tube channels

In memory of all the channels that have been removed from You Tube

I have very little energy or enthusiasm for the blog today. Instead I feel sad with an acute sense of what we have lost over a comparatively short period of time


Just a short period of time – certainly going back to the start of the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria there were a myriad of sources I could choose from for video information. When I woke up there would be a myriad of different material that I used to go through in putting my daily blog together.

There were websites that I used to be directed to and stories would be broken on Facebook in such a way that I could often break stories before they made the mainstream media (if, indeed, they ever did)

Now when I woke up there is so little to rely on. There are the news sources like CNN, BBC, Fox, RT, Vesti, and then some trusted sources like Ron Paul, X22 Report, H.A Goodman, Lionel Nation, Israeli News Live.

Trusted people like Jake Morphonios (Blackstone Intelligence), Sane Progressive, Roy Potter are just hanging in there while being constantly harassed and having strikes against them or material remove (or being in ‘Facebook jail’)

That leaves voices from the Alt-Right that I monitor. Despite the rhetoric they seem to be being left alone, perhaps because they represent the ‘lunatic fringe’ that can be pointed to as such while the more dangerous and logical voices are being removed.

The sites that I used to refer to so often that have disappeared of the air are almost too numerous to list but foremost in my mind are the likes of Syria Girl, George Galloway, Harry Fear and numerous Russian sources on the Ukrainian and Syria wars.

Now in the firing line are any videos that point to the truth of what happened in Houston, Las Vegas and the recent Florida shooting.

Here are just a few that have disappeared off my You Tube channels or have no material left on them:

  • SyriGirlpartisan
  • Syria News
  • InTruthByGrace
  • Katehon Think Tank
  • Anti Maidan
  • Vox Populi Evo
  • Harry Fear
  • Na Donyshke
  • Galloway Debates
  • George Galloway
  • Svoboda Slova
  • Stephekpadora
  • elektropostman
  • Jonathon Barnes
  • Russki Kanal
  • God v Toskane
  • KinoKlub
  • Vremya Vpered
  • Economic Notice

Here are some other channels that still have videos on them but have not been updated for a long, long time, each one a reliable source of information

  • NbiruMagick2012
  • HatrickPenry
  • Breaking the Set
  • Storm Clouds Gathering
  • MsMilkytheClown

On Facebook it seems, not on of the numerous sites that dedicated itself to Fukushima and nuclear radiation in North America has survived through to 2018.

While I have been about this there have been the most terrible agreements and stoushes in the climate change and Doomer communities often centred around the denial of the message of Prof. Guy McPherson.

First there was Nicole Foss coming onto my Facebook page to attack Guy, then a whole heap of us were kicked off the site Global Warming Fact of the Day as punishment for anyone daring to challenge the "consensus" global warming-by-2100 narrative.

Then there was Mike Ferrigan who cut me off after he summarily removed me from his Extinction Radio admin group after suggesting I didn't have the energy to continue and mistakenly sending an email of complaint to him instead of Kevin Hester. 

The next big division was when Guy McPherson was falsely accused of abusing a young woman though 'stexting'. Even questioning these people was reason in their prejudices was reason for immediate excommunication.

The 2016 American election and the election of Donald Trump to president was another watershed with some who previously adopted collapse and near-term extinction retreating to a conservative pro-Hillary position while another 'friend' from the Mike Ruppert days has enthusiasticacally adopted Antifa.

Then there was the Norwegian who runs Arctic Sea Ice who blocked me after I asked him an innocent question of what his sources were on something. He was evidently jealous of this blog because immediately after cutting me off he upped his own production on his You Tube account Going South.

Finally, yesterday the person who runs the Facebook Group Doomer Party 2016 removed Kevin Hester from he group for posting his interview with Dahr Jamail and committing the sin of mentioning Guy McPherson.  When I posted my version of the same he repeated the same.

This was followed up by a threat against anyone “shilling”for Guy McPherson

It’s a sad old world when we have rampant political censorship and people who should be looking for points-of-agreement instead at each others’ throats.

I suppose this is what happens in a situation of near-civil war when political, economic and social collapse starts to take hold – not to mention this species’ headlong descent towards extinctin


  1. It's sad to see so many people that are so eager to condemn. I've heard and read vicious attacks, stones thrown at Dr. McPherson by people who apparently are without sin.

    I have seen nothing that proves any of these accusations to be anything more than hearsay. It is proven that The Powers That Be infiltrated the peace movement, the civil rights movement, labor unions, etc. How easy for them, from their NSA hideouts, to electronically infiltrate the doomer community in order to destroy the reputation of a revered founder and turn us against one another. I refuse to join the lynch mob!

  2. Keep up the good effort, Robin. I visit your site every day, post articles with your blog as source (and provide links), and have been following your work for years now.

    I found you back when NBL was young and stuck with you. It's very frustrating how the CIA has taken over you-tube, Google, and Facebook (among others), but people in the know (like you) continue the good fight to expose the truth - from the environment to the economy, politics to foreign policy, and especially news and info regarding NZ!

    Stay safe, be well and carry on.

  3. Almost forgot - I post your articles on Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis blog. Take a look sometime.

  4. I began keeping a list of people, blogs, sites. If they are lost, I'll look for them in the platforms that we will migrate to eventually. Gab, Steemit, Bitshute have been mentioned, and has talked of developing a platform. We'll adapt. In the NTHE group, I found many sources. I haven't followed the group much, lately, but I follow those sources daily. Onward.

  5. I met Msmilkytheclown once great person! She had another channel msmilkytheclown1 but has not posted there in some time. She inspired me to follow Fukushima more closely. I miss her videos. I know Hatrick Penery never met him in person. But he is a stand up guy. He wont say something unless he checks multiple sources. He was right on target about PlumeGate. Hatrick was devastated with the passing of Michel Ruppert. Hatrick had just done an interview with Ruppert. He stopped videos shortly after that. If you find them interesting have a look at my channel. I came to similar conclusions about Fukushima