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More on tensions over Syria in the Mediterranean

Three NATO Naval Exercises Completing; Will add 13 Ships and six Subs off Syria Coast Monday

18 March, 2018

With tensions rising quickly over actions taking place inside Syria, the US began positioning naval assets in the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, leading Russian military spokesmen to say they believe the US is planning another missile attack upon Syria.  Russia directly warned the US not to undertake another attack, making clear Russia would shoot down any missiles and attack any platform which launched them (i.e. ships).

But it appears the US has a little surprise for Russia; three NATO naval exercises have just finished in or near the Mediterranean and as of Monday, another thirteen NATO warships and six NATO submarines will be conveniently located about 20 hours away from the Syrian coastline.
NATO’s major Mediterranean Sea anti-submarine warfare exercise Dynamic Manta got underway at the Italian port of Catania on Monday, March 5. [1]
The two-week drill took place in the Ionian Sea and was joined by navies from 10 allied countries.
Dynamic Manta is an annual NATO exercise in the Mediterranean Sea aimed at providing complex and challenging scenarios for anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare skills development.
Last year’s edition of the exercise saw the participation of nine submarines, 10 surface ships and nine maritime patrol aircraft.
Submarines so far confirmed to be taking part in Dynamic Manta 2018 include Royal Canadian Navy submarine HMCS Windsor, Hellenic Navy submarine HS Matrozos, Turkish submarine TCG Preveze and Spanish Navy’s ESPS Mistral.
According to a NATO infographic, the exercise hosted ten nations, six submarines and nine surface ships. (Story continues below Ad)

Second Naval Exercise

Another NATO naval exercise "Ariadne",  took place in the Ionian Sea, was completed late Friday and by Saturday at noon  four naval ships of NATO were tied up to the shore in the harbor of Corfu, Greece. [2]
The navy squadron, whose ship's crews number 168 men and women, will remain on the island until Monday, while on Saturday afternoon officers of the naval vessels also visited the Ionian Islands Regional Authority Theodoros Galiazatos.

Meanwhile in the Red Sea

The Egyptian and French navies have started a joint drill in the Red Sea, the Egyptian Armed Forces has said.[3]
The exercises, scheduled to last several days, come within the framework of partnership and military cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries, a military statement said on Tuesday, Xinhua news agency reported. 
A number of Egypt's naval units, including the Mistral helicopter carrier, frigates and rocket launchers, participated in the naval drill, along with several French military boats and frigates, it added.
The joint drill aims to boost the maritime security and strengthen the combat efficiency of the naval forces of the two countries, in order to get ready for any joint missions under any circumstances, according to the statement.
The recent years have witnessed increasing military ties between Cairo and Paris.
Put simply, if the U.S. decides to launch another missile attack upon Syria, (Reported HERE)  the Russian intent to strike back would be a deadly mistake doomed to failure.  While the US naval presence is formidable on its own, adding another 13 ships and six submarines tips the scale of power to insurmountable.  It would be suicide for Russia to strike back.
Stay tuned.

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  1. Insurmountable power of NATO ships? Would be suicidal for Russian s to strike back? You have to be kidding...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You still don't seem to understand that these ships are just sitting ducks,please quit watching Hollywood movies and WAKE UP ;)