Tuesday, 20 March 2018

London Is A Safe Haven for Russian Banksters & Criminals

Britain might claim that they are going to strip the assets of Russian oligarchs. Unlike what the Brits insinuate these are, for the most part,not friends of Vlad, but people who have stolen vast quantities of money from the Russian state and absconded to Britain where they are more than welcome - both for their money and their politics.

As this video item makes clear the Russians have tried to have some of these criminals returned to justice in Russia but they are given protection by London.

If some of these people swapped their privileged life in London for a jail cell in Russia it might be a good thing.

I will not, however,be holding my breath.

London Is A Safe Haven for Russian Banksters & Criminals; Why Does UK Refuse to Extradite Them?

And yet this is the fake news the Brits are coming up with.

Britain Hints at Tougher Blow Against Russia: Stripping Tycoons’ Assets

Excellent news!

Any Russian fool enough to trust the Brits will understand why Russia is the safest place for their money. Probably time to pull out any capital you have in the UK – fast!

--Eric Kraus (French businessman in Moscow)

Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska & his links to British politicians - BBC Newsnight

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