Tuesday, 20 March 2018

How does a 'brutal dictator' mingle with his population - without security!

The acts of a "brutal dictator" - lol

Syria’s Assad shows up in East Ghouta frontlines

18 March, 2018

Syrian President Bashar Assad paid a daring and unexpected visit to one of the recently-liberated Eastern Ghouta towns.

Photos published by the Syrian Presidency shows Assad amid a group of the soldiers who are battling against Islamist militants in the area.

Nearly a month ago, the government forces launched an onslaught against the insurgent of East Ghouta. Ever since, up to 80% of the longtime rebel-held enclave.

And today Bashar Assad was filmed driving his car through the ruined streets of East Ghouta - seemingly without security.

Even CNN had to acknowledge it!

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