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Has America backed down from its aggressive plans in the face of counter-threats?

The following piece from Russian television tends to indicate that Russia’s tough talk has worked and the expected chemical weapons false flag didn’t eventuate and the Americans have backed down.

However, it is too early to celebrate mainly because we do not know how the American side will react.

It is beyond my understanding how anyone can throw off comments as if they know what is going to happen – they must know something event he Kremlin doesn’t.

In the information wars the Russia media and their allies are easily the most reliable – compared with western fake news that is not difficult. 

I have not come across any validation for the claim of a Russian no fly zone in Syria. That is, of course, in my my mind what they should have done, but there is no evidence that they will do this.

The Americans are card-players (not chess players) and the only language they understand is that of power and strength. Use diplomatic language and logic and they will walk over anyone who does.

NATO’s False Flag Failed: The Civilians in Eastern Ghouta Continue to be Evacuated and Reunited


The humanitarian corridor of Hamuria works in the same way as the corridors during the liberation of Aleppo. The city is in ruins, there is no electricity and no water.

I have found, if not confirmation of the following, then another source.

Normally these briefings of Gen. Rudskoi are on video so we may have to wait a few hours or days.

Такимтоном Россия еще не разговаривала:"Ударите по Дамаску - это будетпоследнее, что вы сделаете!"

Russia has never spoken this way: "attack Damascus and this will be the last thing you ever do


19 March, 2018

With these words, Colonel-General Rudskoy, the head of the Main Headquarters of the General Staff of the Russian Federation (the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff) turned to all beloved and deeply respected America.
Today, a meeting of the Ministry of Defense of Russia was held, at which Rudskoy made the following speech:

"Even earlier, a few days ago, Valery Gerasimov, the chief of the Russian General Staff, made an open statement to all the world's media.

In his address, Comrade Gerasimov said that Russia is aware of the impending sabotage in the Eastern Guta region. The opposition, controlled by a coalition led by the United States, is preparing to use the world's banned chemical weapons.

We told you that we are aware of the facts that "actors" and equipment were already brought into the alleged attack area, with the help of which the whole world was later to see a film about how the troops of the government of Syria, that is, the army of Assad, violate the world legislation and applies chemical weapons against civilians.

So, at the moment, our intelligence has replenished, in connection with which we simply have to warn:

First. All that humanitarian aid of the Western coalition, which was supposed for civilians of East Hut, suffering from terrorists, was directly at the disposal of these same terrorists.
Not only that the Western coalition provided the militants with everything necessary, so it also contributed to their ranks being replenished. How? It's simple. Terrorists give the civilians food, in exchange for their assistance.

The second. We have data that are not doubted that fifty kilometers from the US military base (near the town of At-Tanf), American specialists are training specially formed groups of terrorists whose mission is to conduct provocative actions using banned chemical weapons in the southern part of the country .

Earlier this month, these militant detachments were sent to the area of ​​the settlement of Deraa, which is under the control of the "Free Army of Syria".

And now, these units are directly preparing to commit provocations, preparing explosives with poisonous chemicals.

The plan is also clear: after a series of such explosions, charges will be brought against government troops. Thus, the US is trying to "untie one's own hands," to launch aggressive actions against the Assad regime.

We absolutely know that everything necessary for the manufacture of poisonous shells has already been brought to the southern part of de-escalation. By the way, all imported was disguised as humanitarian aid to private American companies.
Also, the militants were provided with fuses, which were brought under the guise of tobacco.

At the disposal of terrorists there are twenty containers with a substance like chlorine, which will be used in alleged provocative attacks.

All the preparatory measures are thoroughly masked, and the consequences of the attacks are planned to be widely publicized.

The main purpose of these provocations is to strike a large-scale strike by the US Army through the territory of Syria, in particular on government and state facilities.

We are also aware of the stages of preparation for this blow. In several sea squares, the United States creates an enhanced grouping, which is armed with cruise missiles.

So, in connection with all of the above, we consider it our duty to inform you that the Russian General Staff is very closely monitoring all changes in the situation concerning Syria.

We are also obliged to warn that if, on the west side, a blow to Damascus is struck, in the government quarters, among which are servicemen of the Russian army.

And not only servicemen, but also diplomatic employees, advisers, military police and the Center for Conciliation of the parties.

So, if this blow is, in this case, the Russian side will strike back not only on the missiles themselves, which will not have time to reach the target, but also on the square from where these missiles will be launched.
This we guarantee.

Thank you for attention."

On Saturday, the Hal Turner Radio Show web site outlined sudden and dramatic events which led Russia to conclude the U.S. is planning a major attack upon Syria.  That timeline of events appears HERE.
Late Sunday, the Hal Turner Radio Show web site outlined the bolstering of US Navy forces by 13 surface vessels and six submarines of NATO countries, which were just finishing exercises.  That story appears HERE.
The events on Saturday and Sunday, as well as today's speech by General Rudskoy has not been mentioned EVEN ONCE by the regular mass-media in the United States or in Europe.  Citizens of the West of blissfully unaware of just how close we are to the physical breakout of World War 3.
It is not surprise that the media is silent; they do the bidding of certain elements of government; the same elements now getting us farther into troubles in places we don't belong.
If the American people started hearing about this on regular mass-media, there would be a public outcry to put a halt to it.  The elements within government perpetrating these shenanigans do not want the public to know, in order to prevent that public outcry.  They want the eruption of war to be sudden and FRIGHTENING, so citizens will be scared, and will quietly fall-in-line and do what government tells them.
Please spread links to this article to everyone you know or care about.  We are perhaps only DAYS AWAY from the outbreak of something horrible.

BREAKING NEWS: Russia Considering Imposing "No Fly" Zone Over Syria

19 March, 2018

With the United States massing guided missile ships in the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and rumors swirling of a "massive" attack against Syria by the United States (allegedly over poison gas use), Russia has said it is considering imposing a "No Fly" Zone over Syria.  Such a decision would mean that any US, coalition, or Turkish aircraft would be subject to being shot down!

This comes as Britain masses more than 2300 troops and CHallenger Tanks at the U.S. Base at Al-Tanf, Syria.  There is now talk of "invasion!"
Since Saturday, word began spreading the US was massing guided Missile Cruisers and Destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, along with 13 NATO ships finishing exercises near Italy and Greece, and six NATO submarines.
Moreover, the US has three Amphibious Assault ships loaded with US Marines, off Syria's coast, leading folks in the region to conclude the US plans a massive attack and a small scale invasion of Syria "imminently."
Yesterday, this web site published a story about the 13 NATO ships and Subs, HERE.
Over the weekend, this web site covered the ship build-up and rumors of a large US Attack against Syria, HERE
This is a very dangerous situation.

If the US attacks, and any Russia troops are endangered by that attack, Russia has already said it will shoot down incoming missiles, then attack the platforms which launched them, including US ships and Aircraft Carriers!
It is starting to look as though the US will be the "bad guy" who starts World War 3 by launching an attack upon Syria which Russia will have to defend against.
God help us all.

I am posting the following because it is doing the rounds of the internet.

IT’S ON! President Trump Just Sent US Warships To Unleashed HELL After What He Just Uncovered!

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