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Dahr Jamail on Nature Bats Last

He is a superb journalist, in the most honorable tradition of that craft.” -Howard Zinn describing Dahr Jamail

9 March, 2018

Todays guest on Nature Bats Last on PRN.FM was Dahr Jamail staff reporter from

We covered a wide range of subjects around the ongoing climate crisis, including the idiocy of building Nuclear plants on coastlines being battered by rising sea levels and ever stronger storms and how during Hurricane Harvey, which had sustained wind speeds of 135 mph, nuclear plants were generating at 100% capacity fulfilling their contractural obligations! #Followthemoney.

On the 11th of this month we remembered the 7th anniversary of the tsunami and triple melt downs’ at Fukushima Daiichi. I chronicle that never ending disaster with my colleagues on the Facebook Page Nuclear Genocide 

The latest episode of Nuclear Hotseat covering the Fukushima Anniversary special is embedded here

Dahr and I discussed the immense danger a Sea Ice free Arctic poses with the potential release of a  50 gigatonne’s pulse of methane as hypothisised by Dr Natalia Shakova and colleagues from the University of Fairbanks in Alaska. Dahr has written about this previously here: Dahr Jamail: The Methane Monster Roars: 
“Based on the new results obtained by comprehensive biogeochemical, 

geophysical and geological research made in 2011-2016, we can conclude that in some areas of the Eastern Siberian shelf the permafrost layer has thinned and reached the stability zone of hydrates, the destruction of which might lead to massive emissions of methane bubbles,” Natalya Shakhova, professor at the university’s Geology and Exploration Department, was quoted as saying.” This quote from an article titled “Underwater permafrost on the Arctic shelf melting faster than expected

The Arctic has seen temperature anomalies of 20C above ‘normal’ when the arctic is still in 24 hr darkness. Robert Hunziker writes about this aspect in this article published at: Counterpunch.

I brought up the issue of a fishing trawler plumeting down a methane plume in the Arctic,the article from The Telegraph is embedded here: Giant methane gas bubble ‘sank trawler’. 

The New Scientist article on the same subject is titled “Swallowing Ships”
The former host of the show Professor Guy McPherson called it to ask Dahr and myself a few questions and brought up the critical issue of Global Dimming. If you haven’t watched a documentary on this aspect of our predicament, I have covered it previously on this blog here , It really is a must watch documentary.
Guy will be back touring in the continental US in the next few weeks, details at the “Coming Events Tab” at Professor McPherson’s website 

Recently I interviewed Dr Andrew Glikson on the show and coincidentally he sent me his latest paper yesterday titled ” Onset of Climate Tipping Points”. Robin Westenra covered it on his brilliant blog at the hyper link directly above.

Dahr mentioned two scientist whose work I was unaware of, they were Daniel Fagre Ph.D. and Harold Wanless, scroll down the staff list at John Hopkins University for more on Dr Wanless.  Harold R Wanless Ph.D.  

Fukushima is much worse than you think by Dahr Jamail

” “Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind,” Arnold Gundersen, a former nuclear industry senior vice president, told Al Jazeera. 17 Jun 2011

 If you want more and why wouldn’t you, check out “Tim Bob’s latest mash up featuring Dahr Jamail and Professor Guy McPherson.

I took this photo of Dahr Jamail on our research trip to and dive at the Poor Knights Marine Reserve,additional photo’s of the dive trip are  here:

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