Friday, 2 March 2018

Commonsense from Jake Morphonios on Trump and gun control

Responses to Trump’s flip-flop on gun control ranges from denial to outrage and some realism.

Jake Morphonios has become one of my favourite voices from the “Right”.

In the meantime he has had an intruder in his home -courtesy of the Deep State.

Trump Supports BAN on AR 15 Semi Automatic Sport Rifles

I Defended My Home From a Lunatic Stalker Today


What are the odds that a stalker would show up on my doorstep who traveled from Salt Lake City? The same town that the FBI is calling me from - and that the German national (who tried to set me up) operates out of? Out of thousands of cities across America - these different parties all happen to be from the same one.

And... given the fact that I lived in Thailand for 2 years - what are the odds that the stalker who tried to get me to meet him alone (and then came to my house against my instructions) claims to also have lived in Thailand and can speak Thai? Does that sound like anyone we know? Ahem... HOOVER!

This is true, Deep State gas lighting playing out in real life.

Download this video. It probably won't be around for long. And please make sure to sign up for my newsletter and become a Blackstone patron. I need your support more than ever. These monsters aren't just attack my YouTube channel - they are trying to completely destroy my ability to continue earning an income as an investigator.

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